H&M- Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

When I first read about Fast Fashion Giant H&M replacing the fibers of their clothing from cotton to cow manure and grapes it left me with so many questions, even after reading the write up presented by Forbes.

  • Wait a minute, what do the fibers have to do with anything?! I thought chemicals in dyes were the only harmful step of textiles?
  • If cotton is organic, then how can it be damaging to the environment, isn’t it a renewable resource?
  • Just how damaging can sewing two cuts of fabric be?
  • How the heck do you make fabric out of poop?!

Upon further research I was horrified of all the damage clothing has placed on our planet!   Of recent there has been a change in the way we consume clothing.  Fast Fashion is affordable and so easily disposable, keeping us coming back consistently for more.  I mean seriously who can pass up a 4 dollar tee; who care’s if it shrinks beyond wear after only one wash?  Well I do…now.

The Effects of Fast Fasion on the Planet-2.png

Facing the realities in India, China, and Africa H&M is planning to turn their business fully eco-friendly by 2040.   Utilizing their foundation, H&M, held a contest in which companies submitted eco-friendly and cruelty free methods of reworking fashion.   Five winners were chosen which will transform the way we produce textiles from leather to nylon.  Furthermore, by 2030, the company plans to expand the 26% of recycled materials used in their production to 100% recycled materials.

Selfishly, or maybe not so selfishly, I wish it did not take over two decades to make these changes.  Though with the insane amount of change and alterations that need to happen I can almost understand the extended time frame.

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19 thoughts on “H&M- Cleaning Up Their Act With Poop

  1. Thankyou for a fantastic read! Personally i was never a big fan of H&M, i would always associate their brand with fast-fashion and cheap, throw-away options (which I’m sure a percentage of their clothing still is) however, this article has totally opened my eyes! Not only to H&M’s fantastic plan for recyclable materials, but also to the eco-friendly opportunities that the textile industry have!
    We just posted a related article on our page all about the best eco-friendly textile materials, and i’d love it if you had the chance to check it out!
    Also, i’m AMAZED that 1,400 shirts are thrown out in Hong Kong each minute…. thats insane!! Let’s create a beautiful future ❤

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  2. Hey, I had a marriage that was pretty much crap, so why should clothes be such a stretch? LOL. Seriously, what eye-opening statistics. It seems we humans have no limit to the ways we can deplete and defile our environment, but I’m glad to see the trend is starting to move in the opposite direction.

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  3. Wait…let’s go back to the key point of this post. They’re going to make clothes out of poop? My wardrobe already looks like crap as it is, but I don’t ever want that to be literal…

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  4. Wow! This is fascinating. Now I don’t have to feel so bad when I opt for higher quality clothing that I keep for a long time, even if I look out of date! I may have to reconsider my personal no-scent policy once I start wearing the cow poop clothing though. I will be dabbing on some perfume to mask my farm girl aroma!

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  5. SGA – There is so much going on in our world that would at the least shock us and the most make us quite ill. Thanks for bringing this matter out on this forum. I hope you get plenty of comments and conversation started. This year I am laying out the plot of a new historical fiction novel over my 26 A to Z posts. I’d love to have you stop by.

    The Steel Horse Saviors is a story about three civil war veterans who head west in 1866 with their Steam Locomotive to seek their fortune. They encounter a beautiful redhead trying desperately to save her family business that threatens to complicate their plan to escape their past.

    Joe @ the Fiction Playground visiting from the A to Z Challenge

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