Think Geek Knows How to Party

I love events and games that bring customers closer together.   As a shop girl I had so many amazing customers, some I felt would get along.  The tea leaves reader would have had a blast talking to the stone reader; while I had five different jewelry makers who all very unique techniques to bring to the table.   It occurred to me one day how very much I would love the opportunity to celebrate the amazing community of my customers, with my customers.  It was not something I truly knew how to go about doing considering my company had strict policies on absolutely no social media whatsoever, and extra strict policies on any other free loving action you may have for your customers.  That’s why I was so excited when I cam across a sign at my local Think Geek last month that read “Marvel Cosplay March 18”.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 8.59.15 AM
Picture From ThinkGeek Florida Mall Facebook

Now I’m no Cosplayer and I’m not like a total geek for Marvel, but what an amazing opportunity for their target demographic to come together!  When I went online to find out more, I realized every location was hosting one that same night.  Not only that, but the month before they had just hosted a couples cosplay in honor of Valentines.

This simple act really reminds that experience is exclusive to Brick and Mortar.   It provides us the opportunity to express ourselves to a community of people with similar interests.  I need the reminder: it’s okay to interact with one another, and there is still some fun to be had at the mall.

  • Do you have a Think Geek near you?  Have you participated in a cosplay event at the mall?
  • What retailers do you wish would host more unique customer community opportunities?



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7 thoughts on “Think Geek Knows How to Party

  1. I have a Think Geek near me, sadly it didn’t have much of the really great stuff that I’ve been shopping for on the website since they launched. This though sounds very cool, and if I was free… I’d dress up and go.

    A few things for you… Not that Blockbuster is around in any way like it was in the day but. When I worked there ooohhh so long ago we did things like this. We had a Harry Potter Launch I have pics someplace for, also Star Wars I, Spider-Man, Halloween events. That was at one point an amazing place to work and I miss it. Some stores did Austin Powers (laugh)

    My wife works at RadioShack now, sadly they are likely on their way out as well… She runs events at the local library on how to make things, like little Drones the kids put together with her and some of her managers assistance, plus Maker Faire every year.

    Brick and Mortar needs to connect with the community’s they are in. That’s the part I always loved.

    Anyway you got me all nostalgic now, thanks for the great post… Think Ill go to Think Geek now.

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    1. I agree, I was going to bring it up in a later article but I have been disappointed in the product variety. The extremely unique useful items aren’t there, and the product they do have can be found at any FYE, Hot Topic, or comic book shop. Hopefully though their customers are enjoying it all the same.

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  2. Wow. I hadn’t even realized Think Geek had expanded to brick and mortar!
    (So that answers the “have you one near you” question…)
    But yes, I like finding events held at local stores. Like poetry readings at the book store, or talks on types of healing at the natural goods store… You feel like you can be assured of fitting into the niche.

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