FYE- Nostalgic to Hip

Sam Goody, Hastings, FYE, what a perfect Flashback Friday this will be.  Think back to the mall in 1997:  making your way to the hottest spot in the joint…the music shops.  Rows of CD’s, Vinyls, and Cassettes to pilfer through, so many melodies to discover.   Who didn’t spend hours with their friends sharing the giant germ infested headphones to sample the newest best selling jams of the week?  Overtime we have lost many of these great shops as more and more media content is purchased strictly online, but somehow FYE has still managed to survive.

In fact, they are making an effort to really expand on their wheel of entertainment by creating a more pop culture friendly pop.  The company has described the new locations as focusing more on selling collectibles rather than music/movies.  These changes seem to place them in direct competition of retailers such as ThinkGeek and BoxLunch.

I was hoping to make it to the Grapevine Mills to grab some shots of one of the few newly renovated stores yesterday and offer you my thoughts on the direction, but my day’s travels had other plans.  Though I do plan to make another attempt to visit next week, to which I will update this post further…

What do you think?  Are you excited to see what FYE will do with their new image?  Will they be able to stand out against the competition from the newer Brick and Mortars that stand as their direct competition?



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Featured Image Photographer: Mjrmtg


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