The Dress Barn Conundrum

I’ll be sitting completely at peace watching my children play.  My mind will be wandering to this mall or that when suddenly out of nowhere, an eruption of laughter will spew through my lips.  It was three months ago when I was surfing the endless addiction I have for city data, when I came across this little nugget and it has somehow resonated in my mind.   It’s one of those things where we are all thinking it and never say it…or even think to say it, but then when the elephant in the room is called out there is an echo chamber of resilient hysteria from the incredible amount of laughter.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 9.16.19 PM

I wish I was the CEO of Dress Barn.  Pretty sure I could goose sales by 10% just by changing the name to something other than Dress Barn, and then use my giant bonus to continue my plans to take over the world.

Thank you TheOverdog, whoever you are.  You are my new found hero.



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This is a Part of #AtoZChallenge and Linda G Hill’s #1linerWeds

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