Chanel Knows Spring

Spring is in full swing, and store windows have been showing remnants of it’s approach for nearly a month now.   To welcome the season, I thought perhaps I would take you on a virtual window shopping stroll across the south!


Kate Spade, always bright and playful, brought in the spring feeling with this enchanting cardboard print at BridgeStreet Town Center in Huntsville, AL.


I have been quite frankly in aw of some of the elaborate quilling scattered across Anthropologies since this past November!  This is one of three unique elaborate windows at Disney Springs in Orlando, FL.


Club Monaco’s strings of hanging purple paper flowers had a whimsical excited feel for sunnier days, no?  I have to say this was definitely one of my favorite windows in the entire Houston Galleria this past February.

wp-1490471756304.jpgAnd then there is Chanel…because nothing says spring like literal giant springs wrapped in foil.

Hope you are having a fantastic week, shop on my friends!




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18 thoughts on “Chanel Knows Spring

  1. I’m not much of a shopper, but I’ve always loved looking at the window displays. Favorite memory was every Christmas our parents would take us into NYC to see all the Christmas displays in the shop windows.

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  2. Now when I look at that last photo, I see giant tentacles reaching out and trying to catch the mannequins. What does that say about me? Are the mannequins safe?

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  3. Very clever window decorations as you enter spring. We are coming into autumn (fall) here and winter will be close behind that!! I love spring fashions and the feeling of warmth in the air – enjoy.

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