Do You Have Any Star Wars Drones In Stock?

December 22nd 2016


::Phone Rings::

Amber: Hello, thank you for calling Brookstone this is Amber, how may I help you?

Me: Hi Amber, I know only three days to Christmas in a town full of engineers that this is a shot in the dark, but do you happen to have any Star Wars drones left in stock?  I would love to get one for my husband.

Amber:  Which one?

Me: Any of them, I’m desperate.

Amber: But which one are you looking for.

Me: (starting to second guess my research) it says on your website there are only two.

Amber: That’s right.

Me: Okay…well either one.  Are either of them in stock?

Amber: Which one?

In My Head: Can you just look at the damn table and tell me if there is one in stock.

Outloud:  I don’t know.  I don’t know the movie.  I am not purchasing for myself, I am purchasing it as a christmas gift for my husband.   There seems to be a gray one and a white one from when I glanced, and I don’t care which one, if any one.

Amber:  Well, all we have is a TIE fighter. (her voice is very disconcerting)

Me:  Is that a drone?

Amber: Yes.

Me: Can you place it on hold for me, I will get there as soon as possible.

Amber: How soon can you be here?

Me:  Is there a time limit?

Amber: No time limit.

Me: Uhm, before five?

Amber: Okay see you then.




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8 thoughts on “Do You Have Any Star Wars Drones In Stock?

      1. (Laugh) Well, I did claim the ones we, “Gave to the kids”. My wife’s is hers though… She said that since she never killed me for spending money on the others that I better not touch hers. 🙂

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