Weekend Run Down #4

Hello Dearest Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All!

I’m excited for the plans I have for the blog for April, as I attempt to participate in the A to Z challenge.  There is a positive and a negative to challenges like these. The Positive is it is creative fodder, pushing you at times beyond your comfort zone.   The negative, is due to it’s demanding schedule, and the occasional obscure letter of the alphabet there are times that participants may be forcing posts they are not quite motivated by or prepared for.   To avoid this I vow to only post on days I have something worthwhile to write, while sticking to the correct dates for the correct letters.   The theme will be retail shops, and the different things that they inspire me to write.   Considering last week we discussed how my Altar’d States post was ruined, that is an obvious first contender for a post on April First.

What Makes You Most Happy?

As far as Social Media, I have spent most the week again having fun with my followers on Twitter.   In honor of Monday being International Happiness Day I posed the question to my followers as to what made them the most happy.  The poll response was sensational:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.03.20 PM

Most Loved Twitter Post

I was so moved by the fact that the International Day of Happiness was not only a thing, but a trending thing.   So often, in the US at least, our happiness falls by the wayside to our careers, our families, and our various stressors.   My passion as a shopgirl was spreading good cheer, to create a safe welcoming environment that inspired happiness within the souls of every stranger I came across.   Their smiles was what my passion was all about.  So how about you?  Could you challenge yourself to a year of fostering smiles?

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.03.32 PM


Most Loved Instagram Photo

Most anytime little shop is involved the crowds go wild, and who wouldn’t?  Or maybe I’m partial. 😉


Famed on Facebook

So my traffic on my Facebook Page is kinda sad, partially my fault, as I grant it about as much love as my worst enemy.   Despite it all, people for some reason still glance at my page from time to time to find little jewels like this one:

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.24.16 PM.png

To keep up with the fun and polls please follow me on Twitter, we have some fun there. 🙂



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