10 Must Stop Funky Fun Shops in Houston’s Rice Village

20170224_181631.jpgHouston is rated by CNBC to be the number six best place in the entire United States to start a business.   That being said, it is undoubted there are so many unique and trendy one-of-a-kind experiences scattered across the entire city.  Even the local shops provide their own unique experiences, and the best spot to spend an afternoon to really dive into these unique shops is in the Rice Village.  Just a 5 minute walk from Rice University 10 minutes from Hermann Park and the Medical District; I was drawn to the Urban Outfitters that stood in the center of it all.  Though as I now find the Urban Outfitter scene less unique and more of the same, I have found myself wandering beyond
its familiar doors and out to explore the funky fun shops Houston’s Spirit has to offer.
wp-1489521144952.jpgWhat I really appreciate about Rice Village is the spirit of it, like falling back into that excitable college spirit all over again!  With one of a kind shops, delicious eateries, and even a community theatre, the majority of this shopping mall is dog and/or children friendly.   Lose yourself down aisles of great works of literature with your fury friend in stow, or let your kiddos enjoy the play area of Pomp & Circumstance while you indulge in a quick fix of caffeine and some serious fashion upgrades


Lily Rain


Unicorn pillows and boutique fashion:  this one stop for shop really gives the unique boutiques offering the same tired items a run for their money.   Affordably priced, and so many unique to me (and I do allot of shopping) items in store.  I do have to rate that Lily Rain was one of my all time favorite stops this entire trip to Houston.  Lily Rain is no longer limited to only Houston, as they are slowly stretching out across the south; keep an eye out for a location near you!  Keep up with the glamour and growth on their Facebook or Instagram.

Maggie and Rocky


If this shop seems familiar to you and you’ve never set foot into Houston, you have perhaps caught an episode or two…or all of The Little Couple on TLC.  Yes this is the shop created and owned by Jen and Bill just before they adopted their beautiful babies in Houston.  Aside from the fame this shop really has it all for dog lovers form clothing, to toys, to nutritious treats feel free to bring your furry friend and shop ’til y’all drop!!

G&G Model Shop


This amazing pillar of the stretch has been in business since 1945.  My father was crazy for building models, and this just happened to be his go to shop in childhood and adulthood that served as his muse.  Now the feelings have changed from inspired to nostalgically inspired for this shopgirl and the many other patrons who discover this hidden gem of a shop!  For more photos of the interior and their product, please check out their Instagram here.

Myth & Symbol


If you are looking for a shop that sells artisan designs then look no further.  This shop sells a variety of unique handcrafted product from all over the nation.   For any information on any of the items in the shop the staff is highly knowledgable and happy to help!  Personally I was a huge fan of the Earth Reverie gemstone jewelry.



Even on a rainy day you will find yourself inspired by the “sunny vibes” that reside within this fun and bright designed shop, there is no better dose of retail therapy I could subscribe.  With its funky vibe and unique fashion it came as no surprise to me to learn that the Beehive is an Austin based shop.  With only three locations so far, I can see this shop’s positivity, go get ’em attitude, and unique fashion choices taking it far beyond just these three!   Follow them here on Instagram for some retail positivity to fill your feed.

Woven Arts


I was absolutely blown away and stunned by the mammoth rug hall in Woven Arts, though what initially drew me in was the collection of turkish lamps lining the ceiling.  The immersive experience of any import is and always has been magically surreal to me.   When transported to lands beyond my tiny corner of the world it inspires and enlightens the soul.  If you are not in Houston does not mean you have to miss a moment of exotic adventure, follow their Instagram here.

Half-Price Books


Explore the 4,439 yards of books, movies, and other various forms of media that have lined the aisles of this vast and amazing used and new book shop chain.  The unique in layout Rice Village location opened in 1981, and has shown to be a refuge to college students and locals alike.  Though you do not have to be in Houston to enjoy Half-Price books; there is over 120 for them spanning across TX and OK.

El Paso Import Co.


I have never seen an import furniture warehouse with such beautifully and uniquely crafted items for such affordable prices!  In fact, had I not been presently homeless and about to fly off to Florida I probably would have left with one of these impressive bookcases!

Pomp & Circumstance


Be spoiled by the high fashion, complimentary coffee, and children’s play area of Pomp & Circumstance.  They have really thought of it all!  Though the prices may run high, this shop offers only the latest in fashion to the highest quality.  Find your favorite style here in their instagram.

The Chocolate Bar


I have strategically placed this chocolaty wonder last because it is the sweet final course to our shopping frenzy feast.  I am addicted to their delectable Nutella Latte, while my daughters can’t stop stuffing their faces with their tiny chocolate cupcakes!      Not a chocolate fan?  No worries there is entire room of delectable candies beyond the amazing chocolate dipped anything and everything!

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11 thoughts on “10 Must Stop Funky Fun Shops in Houston’s Rice Village

  1. I loved the virtual shopping trip! Makes me want to go shopping for real tomorrow! Really need a spring dress for a dinner out on Friday! I love shopping to drink in the colors and textures! Often, I buy nothing but come home smiling!

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