5 Ways to Spoil your Date in the Luxuries of Baybrook Mall

When I moved away from Houston only two and a half years ago, Baybrook was my go to mall.  It was a mall, a clean mall, but nothing to write home…or a blog post about.  Just two weeks ago I returned to my old stomping grounds to find it not only expanded, but a mall I would probably recommend visiting over the iconic Houston Galleria!  Though the mall serves as a perfect spot for a family night with a Dave & Busters, and lawn with proper seating for an outdoor movie venue, I’m going to focus on the possibilities to wow her or him (because I am a woman of today) at Baybrook Mall.


  1. Valet Drive

There is nothing that says spoiled more than to have someone else park your car for you.  Baybrook’s new rounded valet encompasses a modern and unique statue by Burgis Daruwalla  which inspires that moment of epiphany when dreams become action.  A great introduction of conversation to discuss your dreams and realities.


  1. Wine & Dine

Break out your open table app, because there is no finer dining experience than one at a Perry’s Steak House.  The dim ambient lighting and top quality service will have your date swooning in no time.   Perry’s holds a large selection of wines in their vaults, which can be seen form many angles of their restaurants. (Fun Fact, this shopgirl’s husband proposed to her at the Perry’s location that was replaced by this new and improved structure.) Though I’m partial, there are many great restaurants to that fit every budget to enjoy with that special someone.


  1. A Romantic Stroll

After dinner walk along the fountains peacefully lit fountains that light the restaurant walk.  Take a seat on one of the cozy seating areas to take in some people watching, or watch one another.   (Bonus: As a precursor to your fountain stroll visit Godiva to treat your sweety to an equally sweet indulgence of their choosing.)


  1. A Battle of Wits

If you are like me and sitting in and taking in the world is not your thing, make your way past the large center fountain and towards the giant chess board that lays just before the interior entrance of the mall.   Put your competitive natures out on the line with a playful game, or work on your teamwork capabilities and challenge a passing stranger.


  1. Star Cinema Grill

And what more classic way to end your date then with a cuddle in the dark at the movie theatre.  Enjoy the new, clean and comfy seats of Star Cinema Grill.  If your time is too constrained for dinner and a movie, Star Cinema has some great food for you and your date to enjoy!

You do not have to be on a date to enjoy all that Baybrook has in store for its visitors.   Whether you are stag, with family, or friends this mall has a little something for everyone!

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If you have already visited this mall, this shopgirl is eager to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to leave comments of your favorite things to do or see. Also, please offer your own ranking here:

*Shopgirl’s overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendly, and accessibility.



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24 thoughts on “5 Ways to Spoil your Date in the Luxuries of Baybrook Mall

  1. I love writing dating tips posts, so this was right up my alley. Of course, it also conjured up memories of Mallrats and I do love Kevin Smith flicks. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 Kevin Smith is great! I started to think today of tweaking this to say perhaps do the preliminary work, grab Godiva Strawberries and have them sitting on the table when you arrive back with your date. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad that your old stomping ground mall is not only still thriving but has improved.
    Same happened to me, my old stomping ground shopping centre was the pits but having been back recently the whole area has had a makeover and a new shopping mall with shops, restaurants, bars, and an international train station – yep – direct line to Europe .😊 It’s fab!

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  3. Malls are starting to take on this look in Australia. One has now introduced a car showroom would you believe? You can do your groceries, go to dinner or a movie and then buy a car LOL:)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i love how you’ve pointed out all of the special aspects of this place!!
    The chess board? How cool is that?
    And the restaurants? I think the marketing people are really doing their job well here! Speaking of Perry’s–have you ever visiting for lunch on Friday’s! They have a great deal on their fabulous pork chop (they actually just downsized it, but it’s still a great deal)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh I can’t handle pork at all, the smell of it makes me sick. My gma took us to perry’s before we had announced I was preggers and she ofcourse ordered it because for pork lovers it’s Amazing but I ofcourse promptly excused myself and spent the evening in the ladies powder room to put it eloquently. But perry’s is one of the few places that fixes a scrumptious salmon without having to drown it in glazes and sauces.

      Liked by 1 person

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