5 Far-Out Reasons To Visit Pearland Town Center

Do you find yourself the Houston area and want an experience that will make you say Cowabunga without having to fight the tourist crowds of Galveston or Kemah?  When I need my coastal fix I just make my way 15 minutes south on 288 from the Medical Center to a little booming town called Pearland (that’s Pear-land not Pearl-land).  You may be confused when you arrive, as not a pear tree will stand in site, and if they aren’t in season Kroger may not even have them in stock, and you will start to wonder if you are in the right place.  Fear not, the name is as random as it appears as it originated in the late 1800’s when a man of Polish nobility noticed the town, once a very prominent farming community, was bursting with fruit trees and he figured, “what they hey, Pear-Land has a rad ring to it.”

Unique Atmosphere


With streets lined in palm trees and architecture rich in clean industrial lines, this mall creates a unique ambiance all of its own.   To make up for the lack of pear presence in the city, the mall has strategically planted…or more soldered…gold plated pears atop each and every stop sign.   Standing over the front of the complex is a water tower that is also shaped like a can of pears, really pulling you back to the rustic farming heritage Pearland embraced all the way through the late 1990’s.

Headache Free Shopping


Not every inch of Houston is crowded with gnarly traffic, the Pearland sidewalks are wide and open for your shopping peace of mind beyond surfing your favorite retailers on the web.  Despite the slow traffic this mall is bursting with shopping variety, each store  and restaurant catering their shopping and dining experience to their quite exclusive cliental.  Parking also doesn’t have to be an issue with store front spaces!

The Fountain


On the weekends grab a quick Cinnabon fix, sit out on the patio where the fountain waters crawl through the stone finish.  Take in the hustle and bustle of the mall, feel the distant remnant waves of the sea breeze, watch the children splash in the waters, and sometimes even listen to live music performing in the pavilion behind you.

It’s Not Just a Mall, It’s an Experience

Pearland Town Center is not just a mall but a “Lifestyle Center”.  This means that the bodacious fun is not limited to shopping.  A lifestyle center focuses less on the bargains (though they are not short on them) and more on the experience.   So extended from the row of shopping is a row of restaurants and entertainment.  Sign up for a ballroom dancing class, or have a girls night out painting and sipping your favorite glass of wine at Pinot’s Palette.  The dining options are not limited, neither are the watering holes.  From fresh seafood, to quick bites there is a food for any craving.

This aspect of the mall makes it a great spot to entertain clients, take dates, to hang out with friends or just bring the family for some wholesome family fun.

Feel Immersed in South Houston Culture


Engulf yourself in the true culture of south Houston, by participating with the mall in their community events.  Although difficult to find on their actual website, Pearland Town Center does host a monthly farmers market every second Saturday of the month in the center pavilion.   In the summers there is a family movie night on the lawn that is completely free to the public.

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12 thoughts on “5 Far-Out Reasons To Visit Pearland Town Center

  1. This looks like fun. However, and I realise that this is very British, as it’s a Doctor Who reference, but there appears to be some kind of storage facility for blue daleks in the right side of the first picture, which is a little worrying.

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  2. I think this is the sort of things that malls must do to get people to leave online shopping to come out to brick and mortar stores. Very interesting and fun sounding experience with the ballroom dancing classes, outdoor movies, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Texas is one state I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting (I don’t count layovers in Dallas). Hopefully someday – and this will be on my list!

    Liked by 1 person

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