The Weekend Run Down #2

Hello Happy Readers and a Happy Weekend to You All!

This month long “hiatus” of homelessness has proven not 100% conducive to maintaining my blog, but it has allowed me to continue participating more than I expected.   The girls and I have really embraced the time to take in some amazing malls, that I’m excited to share with you.   I’ve always made some alterations to my scheduling of posts, malls will now be posted on Tuesday to correlate with travel Tuesday!

Fancy Vs. Spicy

So we didn’t really have the turn out for your favorite fast food joint dunking habits as we did for Coke VS. Pepsi, but still the results are in:



The Latest Retail Gossip

NY & Co Falls Victim to the Witch Hunt

wp-1487957574232.jpgAt the beginning of the week I reported a concern for NY& Co and their bare walls at First Colony Mall.

Yesterday while visiting Bay Brook Mall and Tanger’s Outlets I found both NY & Co quite full of stock…I’d say perhaps a little overstocked!  Which also could be a concern, as they could be collecting product from closing stores, but I have no sources speaking in any direction on the matter despite my questions.

20170224_113234.jpgI can’t speak for New York & Co as a whole, or that strange weekend clearance in First Colony; I can say that this does not seem to be an overnight situation much like The Limited.  Although it is rumored that they are considering bankruptcy they have not filed yet, and even after they file that doesn’t necessarily mean it is all over for them it just means there’s an action plan to make.

If you work for NY&Co and have any information feel free to contact me through my complaints department, this is a direct private line to me, and your information will remain completely anonymous, that is my last name after all. 😉

J.C. Penney Is Trending on Twitter

20170224_120602.jpgThis one has got me scratching my head for sure, how has J.C. Penney survived this long??  And why is this such a surprise that I woke up to it being the number one subject trending on my twitter.  Are you upset that 6,000 people have lost their jobs, perhaps?  Then do something about it.

I’m sorry if I come off as blunt here but stop buying everything online, even your groceries.  I’ve been saying this for years, trying to warn you this was coming:   Support your local businesses so that they can support you by providing jobs, beautification, and taxes back into your community.  I’m sorry it’s an inconvenience to preserve this.

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Shopgirl Wants to Know

  • If JCP, Macy’s, and Sears were all plummeting to their deaths and you could only save one, which would you choose?  #NotSoHypotheticalQuestion Vote On Twitter Here
  • How have you spent your February?



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