Fancy Vs. Spicy @Whataburger #Live

My sweet daughters have been raised in Alabama so are unaware of their true Texan roots. To get the real experience I drove Baby K through a Whataburger Drive Thru that was located in the HEB parking lot.  Now she knows what it is to be Texan.

Strange though, she is worrying me, showing zero interest in the ketchup which makes this iconic experience great!   Instead she using the fries more to shovel loads of her Honey BBQ sauce into her gullet (That’s texan for throat).  We all have different ways to experience our favorite burger joint.

So what do you prefer fancy, spicy, or naked?  Cast your vote here on my twitter page, and I’ll post the results on my Retail Rundown this upcoming Sunday!  πŸ™‚  The more votes the merrier!


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