TTFN Parkway Place Mall Review


Perfect For:

  • Day to Day Shopping
  • Moms to Tots

Must Stop Shops:

  • St. Nick’s Knives
  • ABC Toys
  • Pottery Barn
  • Williams Sonoma


wp-1485552807853.jpgAbout the Mall

This week I say goodbye to the mall that served as my refuge for the past two and a half years as a SAHM.   This is my daughters’ oasis and my need to get out of the house fix.   Since 1957 this mall has transformed from an outdoor complex, to a single story facility, and then in 2002 was reconstructed to be the two story indoor strip that it is today.  Though not as large as most malls, the Parkway Place mall management team has been around for a long time and holds a passion for their patrons and the need to keep the mall itself afloat in this very difficult time for retailers.

What To Do

The most popular spot in the mall is the food court, particularly any week day around noon.  The court itself is large enough to fit 400 hungry patrons, but with limited table sizes, and tight space you may find yourself circling the parameters two or three times with your food before actually being able to seek out a spot to sit down and enjoy your now room temperature food if you are there during the hour of noon to one.  I like to arrive early, and then during the lunch rush I take the girls over to their very neat intergalactic themed soft play area, while I relax on the comfortably cushioned benches sipping on a Chick-Fil-A Iced Coffee. (Located on the upper level of Belk’s Court)


Sometimes Lil A begs me to jump on the bungees, or ride one of the four kiddie rides that sit in Belk’s lower level court, or wander and play with the toys provided in the back of ABC Toys.

Aside from family focus I don’t really see this mall as a thriving hot spot for social life.  This is a mall simply for vendors and rely heavily on them to create the experiences.

Security & Maintenance 

wp-1485552775010.jpgParkway Place is always kept immaculate!  The floor is pristine and the shop windows are clear.  Huntsville is an amazing community, and safety is easily forgotten when in such a close knit town, but security is present and aware of their surroundings.  I have never questioned my safety in the mall area or parking lot of Parkway Place mall.


wp-1485552769790.jpgWheelchairs and strollers with baskets attached are available at the base of the escalators from the food court.  Generally it comes with an exchange of your ID for collateral.  One of my favorite perks of this mall, and this is me 100% pulling out my mom card is the family restrooms located in the food court.  There is a tiny toilet accompanied with a tiny sink and soap, so that my daughters can practice positive habits all on their own.

Pin For Future Reference. 😉

If you have already visited this mall, this shopgirl is eager to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to leave comments of your favorite things to do or see. Also, please offer your own ranking here:



*Shopgirl’s overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendly, and accessibility.

2 thoughts on “TTFN Parkway Place Mall Review

  1. Thank you! This is chock full of great info 🙂 Love your design.
    And thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely to meet you – I see you’re connected to Miriam at The Shower of Blessings. She’s a sweetie.
    Blessings your way, Debbie

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