The Weekend Run Down

To all my dear blogging peeps you will hear less from me until March.  I’m not disappearing all together, but as we are in the long process of traveling and moving the time I will have to commit and the access to internet may be spotty.   This lady is going solo with two precious tots.  I have a few awesome posts planned to post over the next two weeks.

In the meantime let me give you the nitty gritty of this Shopgirl’s World.

Coke VS Pepsi

First off, the people have spoken and the results are in.  After a completely valid and Family Feud scientific process of a completely legitimate twitter survey at two in the morning CST it is proven after 125 votes that Coca-Cola is indeed superior to Pepsi:screen-shot-2017-01-28-at-5-31-42-pm

Will do a new survey soon!

The Latest Retail Gossip:

20161107_1224542.jpg.jpegSecond is the sad news that despite the great strides of the Retail Strategy Goddess of Wet Seal, Melanie Cox, that it was too little too late for this brand and they are shutting down all locations.   Check your local mall directories, if you have one nearby there should be some amazing deals there this week!  For More info on this company and it’s continuous optimistic efforts please visit this page.   To read their mission statement, go here.  They ofcourse are close behind The Limited who closed all of their stores at the beginning of the month.

Over the week also the news from the San Antonio Rolling Oaks Mall shooting has come together.  Both criminals have been apprehended, and according to what I have read are both facing charges of capital murder on top of aggravated robbery.   Take a moment to remember the Good Samaritan, Jonathan Murphy and his widow this week.

Lowes_Southern_Pines,_NC_4_(8159781638)Lowe’s is going through a shake up.  In the end more than 2,000 employees will be laid off and management is going to be completely restructured, leaving department managers scattering to for new job titles.  Though in the sea of terrible news, out of 248,000 employees, in the big scheme of things this is not so much the shake up as most would be anticipating in this climate.   Very excited to see how their more customer centric focus plays out!

Top Read Blog For Shop Girl This Week:

Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting Reported Live on Twitter

Favorite Retail Article I Read This Week

‘Protecting’ The Economy Can End Up Killing It

Most Annoying Quote Read On Twitter:

I love my [retail] job if it just wasn’t for the customers.

My “Dear Abby” Response

Dear McDonald’s Cashier,

I’m just curious, what exactly do you think the entire point of your job is?  Catering to the customers, perhaps?  You my friend need to consider that perhaps you are in the wrong profession.  That’s okay, it’s not your gig.  No worries, Trump is resting assured you have a position at a plant somewhere building cars, you can carry out mindless tasks without the hinderance of customers there. 😉







21 thoughts on “The Weekend Run Down

  1. It’s my favorite place in the whole world but I was in Alabama the past two years. I just imagine it like Reese Witherspoon in Good home Alabama, or whatever, but I’m sure it is pretty cool.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s my favorite place in the whole world but I was in Alabama the past two years. I’m from Houston. My first wedding was in San Antonio, and I have coworkers from my retail life and family that live there now.


      2. It is a fine place indeed. I’ve never been to Alabama. I just imagine it like Reese Witherspoon in Good home Alabama, or whatever, but I’m sure it is pretty cool. That mall seemed pretty chill anyways.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The mall posting next week is super awesome that’s out here. It’s definitely different from Houston. Far more laid back, closer community. Will definitely miss it that’s for sure!


      4. Haha, well I have 6, 4, and a near 2 year old, so Disney has more in store for them. I haven’t been to universal since I was 12 and I remember not being able to ride like the majority of the rides in the park. But excited to finally return!


      5. Well, I’m glad I finally have older kids, 9 and 12, so I don’t have to worry about the magic of Disney with them anymore. I can finally take them to Universal or other places with awesome rides. I just hope we can make it to one of them someday.

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