The Forum Shops At Caesar’s Palace


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wp-1477722242405.jpegIt was by complete accident that we stumbled into the amazing shopping held within those chamber doors of Caesar’s Palace.  “The Strip,” was all we had really told our Lyft driver as he made his way through the easy 15 minute drive from Fremont Street to the very intricate resorts of Las Vegas Boulevard.  “Where in particular,” the driver asked.  “We have no idea, this is our first day ever in Las Vegas.”  I assume it was due to its central location to the hustle and bustle when he pulled into the parking lot of Caesar’s Palace.  We bid our farewells, and stomachs growling decided to check out the last ever Planet Hollywood.  I was hopeful and excited, though we hit a snag in our plans when the signage for Planet Hollywood itself was misleading in the direction we should be walking.

Unsure if we were headed the correct direction we made our way past an ornate grecian fountain, and found ourselves entering a large grand hall that climbed three open levels.  Connecting each story was a winding escalator.  I expected the pillars, I expected the marble and the Greek inspired statues, but this was far from what I had imagined.  “It’s like a mall,” I whispered in awe to my husband.

“Ya there’s supposed to be a few resorts with shopping areas,” he said, “but I agree with you, this one is quite larger than I expected.”

The experience of Planet Hollywood was fun, though the food was expectedly awful.

wp-1477723108125.jpegSize and Structure

Carrying on through to explore the casino we found ourselves entering an entirely different dimension of shopping beyond the massive foyer.  It was like a winding labyrinth of hall after hall after hall of stores scattered within various architectural designs inspired by Greek/Roman culture.  Around each turn would be another unique view, each hall filled with unique and intricate designs from the ones before it.    Immersed in the heart of it we truly felt transported back in time and an ocean away.

I can say, if you for any reason may have any mobilization issues do visit the bell desk in the hotel itself.  This is where the wheelchair rentals can be found for charge.  Your 20 dollar fee will be returned if the wheelchair is returned within three hours of distribution.

Beyond Amenities


It was the attention to detail that wowed me.  Consideration was placed not only into the aesthetics, but even the comforts of their customers.  The acoustics were fantastic, despite a crowded Saturday I never felt the noise level was unbearable.  Charging stations were carefully placed into each bench which, of course, were shaped like Roman busts or fallen pillars.

The facilities are well maintained, the bathrooms were so clean you would think this mall were a new construction.  Not so much as a scuff on the wall.

Valet is available as is public transportation.  There are drive share pick up shops not far from the doors of the mall.

16195173_1842670936014186_5683513991442679329_nVariety of Activities

The stores in this mall were obviously flagship locations.  From the three story H&M, to the two story Victoria Secret all the stores were large, impeccably maintained, and full of unique variety that you most likely would not spot at your neighborhood mall.  It is no wonder that this is the highest growing mall in the US!

As far as family goes, there is not much outside of the giant fish tank and a fantastic gelato stand just outside of H&M.  Even the shops are predominately high end with adult focused product & designs.  There are no play areas, family activities, or stroller rentals.

In the Cheesecake factory court though you will find an impressive aquarium that will keep patrons of all ages entertained.  Above the fish tank there is an hourly Animatronic performance, that is impeccably done, to the perfection of disney without the high admission.  Take note that the show does hold a sort of grim and dark theme that could be frightening to small children.

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4 thoughts on “The Forum Shops At Caesar’s Palace

  1. We like to go to Vegas. We usually drive – 4 hours each way. Better than flying. By the time we go to the airport from home, flying time, check out time. Driving would have taking us there. We like to go during the week when the hotel rates are low. Nice photos of Vegas. Would like to see some more when I am back to visit. I started to WWC last week. I participate in other Photo Challenges also. Hope to find some good photo for this week. I would like to invite you to visit my blog and be connected.


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