Hallmark Mission Statement

“We will be the company that creates a more emotionally connected world by making a genuine difference in every life, every day.”

For years, no decades, no perhaps centuries, we have stifled a list of deep divides in this country.   Over the past couple of years the dam that has held fast our aggressions, self-rightesnous, and oppressions has been losing it’s hold, slowly spitting out streaming bursts of hate.  Over this past week it seems the dam has broken all together, turning the river that divided us into a sea that has quickly engorged between us.  We are all uniquely intelligent, equal, and specially gifted to alter this world on its beautiful way.

We need more companies with a vision like Hallmark to ground us.  To remind us that there is a world beyond ourselves, a peace that is attainable only if we choose to acknowledge an empathy for our adversaries.  The braver man, the stronger woman, the more intelligent being can confidently lay down their sword first in order to reach a compromise.

Let us stand United.  Let us be Kind.  Let us speak Positively. Let us not forget Empathy.




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