7 Powerful Keys That Will Better Influence Your Entry-Level Resume

About a week ago a friend of mine spoke to me about how she was hoping for a career change.  She has been in the service industry for 15 years and was ready for something more stable and something she had a passion and interest in.   I asked her to send her resume over to me, as I do for so many colleagues and peers who want their resume to be read as something more than “dead end retail gig after dead end retail gig”.

Resume TipsI have conducted hiring in a vast range of capacities from retail management to defense contracting.   When I received what was a photo of an extremely basic resume, typical of the trade, I was not surprised to find that the great feats she achieved while waiting tables, conducting price checks, and counting out change were not featured.

Each past employment simply read:

Name of Company, Job Title, Date Range of Employment.

And that was it, there was no job summary below the listing.

As a person in HR this tells me nothing.  I don’t know the company outside public opinion or what you did.  For every entry level job I’m receiving nearly 100 applications and phone calls within the first 24 hours of my job posting.   If I am getting nothing from your resume, there are not enough hours in the day to reach out to you to implore further.  You need to find a way to stand out.

I’m looking for keywords here, looking for particular responsibilities undertaken.  If I have never worked as a server I may not fully understand the intricate  processes that go on beyond taking my order.   Not because I don’t care, but because I do not have that experience to pull from.  Please tell me how waiting tables or running a cash register has prepared you for this position.

Goal Achievement

This is the number one thing almost all employers will be looking for.   Are you goal oriented, are you motivated to meet whatever goals are met?

Write something to the nature of :

  • achieved daily sales goals
  • met and exceeded all daily expectations communicated by my supervisor.

Quality Control

For every business there is a client and a product, and companies want to know they are hiring employees that will make it a priority to put out quality products that will keep their client book filled.

So write something to the nature:

  •  checked customers’ orders for quality assurance
  • incorporated customer expectations into all services.


The central core of most workplace issues come down to poor communication practices.   Are you an effective communicator with your peers, your supervisors, and your customers?

What examples could you use?

  •  effectively communicated expectations to staff
  •  kept customers informed of current sales and promotions. 

Team player

A supervisor wants a chameleon who is capable of fitting in with the team they already have in place.

How can you communicate that you play well with others?

  • Collaborated with team members to achieve daily goals.
  • Openly and receptively listened to my team when faced with any challenges

Adaptable to Change

With time comes change, progression, and new technologies.   You must show that you are flexible to bend your routines for change without difficulty.

  • Utilized foresight to discover new innovative ways to efficiently to achieve and exceed my daily goals.  
  • Kept up to date with the most up to date company policies that ensured my employer’s growth.


Are you coachable?  What does your objective say?  Are you looking for a job where you can take charge, or are you looking for a job where you can grow?  An employer wants to know that you not only are bringing a stellar set of skills, but that you are willing to take those skills and open up to new perspectives and ideas to expand on those.

  • Looking for a job where I can expand my skills and grow within the company.

Money Conscious

Last but never least the company wants to know that you are going to be mindful of their investment in you.   How have you in your current position maintained within an operating budget, assuring that your store had the highest profit margins possible.

  • Conducted weekly inventory counts and conducted regular till counts to assure that my register broke even each day.  

Don’t forget that you are unique, and this resume should be a display of the personality you are bringing to the table.  Take these keys, but make them yours, make them stand out. Practice what you preach so you are prepared to fully articulate these practices in your job interviews.



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