Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting Reported Live On Twitter

Sunday January, 22nd at approximately 3:30 PM CST a live shooter emerged on mall property after a jewelry heist took a turn for the worst.  Though, it is difficult as to why someone would choose peak traffic hours on a Sunday afternoon to rob a Kay Jewelers in a public mall, it happened and the outcome was tragic.

Sadly as a result of poor timing and terrible circumstances a good samaritan who attempted to intervene was shot dead in his tracks while another witness, utilizing his concealed hand gun (because God Bless Texas) was able to shoot the suspect who had murdered the good samaritan.   Spooked by the turning of events the second gunman dashed out of the mall shooting random people on his way; injuring a man and a woman.

During the Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting I read live on my Facebook Feed that one of my friends form high school was hiding from an active shooter.    Social media has given us that next level of communication with those members of our friends and family in their times of extreme fear and need.   So when the Rolling Oaks Mall was first publicized I found myself plunging face first into that sea of mixed information and turmoil to assure myself that my family or old work colleagues were not inside.  I could feel a sense of panic as  I searched through the updates, as if I too was standing lost with the masses, stirring me to tweet out that my prayers and thoughts were on their safety.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 4.45.07 PM.png

I was especially moved by the live tweets of employees caring and staying present in the situation for the safety of their customers and employees.


Most reactions followed in suit with my own wishing good blessings and safety, while others took to stranger reactions that left this Shopgirl a bit unsettled.

Great. Thanks For Your Mature and Empathetic Contribution.
Sarcasm Noted and Unappreciated

The most unsettling was indeed a post from four days before the incident:


Though this is a notoriously dangerous mall, this does not make the incident any less tragic.  Each blessed soul on this Earth is unique and should be treasured, no matter the mall they shop at.   Please think twice before you tweet.


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2 thoughts on “Rolling Oaks Mall Shooting Reported Live On Twitter

  1. Terrible. It happened here in Roosevelt Field Mall on Long Island someone stealing from a Tourneau store. Made me worry everytime my daughter has gone to the mall Since but I neither stop her or tweet about it. However we live in a very senseless world sometimes it sad and scary but you can’t stop living.

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