The Cool Springs Galleria Experience




Perfect For:

  • Day to Day Shopping
  • Family Fun
  • Date Night

Favorite Shops:

  • American Girl Store
  • Teavana
  • The Art of Shaving
  • Art Is In Market


Newly Rennovated

20170117_134613.jpgWhen my husband and I need a get away, we typically skip dealing with the traffic and tourism of Nashville and spend the weekend in Franklin, TN.  The first time we visited this mall was about two years ago and I have to say I felt completely let down upon entry.  With a name like Galleria I expected to be wowed by long extravagant halls, that were pristine, and state of the art, but all we found was just another Mall in Anytown USA.  Though growing up with the gallerias of Houston and Dallas, I have found myself quite spoiled and knew I needed to bring myself back to reality.   Over New Years Eve Weekend my husband and I found ourselves called back to Nashville and were delighted to find that mall’s reconstruction was complete, and finally, it felt like a true galleria.  The floors are glistening, the theme is clean and modern, the light fixtures are exciting to look at.  Opening day for this new look was this past October just before the busy Christmas Rush, so if you have not checked it out, I definitely would put a revisit to this mall on my to-do list.

What To Do

20170117_132735.jpgMy all time favorite stop is the unique gallery at the Art Is In Market.  If you are looking for a date night or to hang with your friends then indulge in the Cheesecake Factory or Connors and then make your way down to the King’s Bowl to shoot some pool or bowl over some pins. (It is highly recommended to avoid King’s Bowl on the weekends as it can become quite overcrowded.)

If you are there with the family grab a bite at the American Girl Cafe (don’t forget to make your reservations beforehand) or food court, or let the kids run lose in the provided play area located in Belk court lower level.


The food court has quite a wide variety of food from local vendors as well the usual suspects (Sbarro & Chick-Fil-A).   Our personal favorite was the very unique but scrumptious flavors of the Music City Crepes.

Safe and Accessible

wp-1483407234246.jpgI am beyond impressed with the dedicated Security staff of this mall.  This past Christmas they made it their personal mission to declare and active war on crime in their mall.  They teamed with local authorities and the security team was able to recover $36,000 dollars worth of stolen merchandise this holiday season.   This is not the first time they have dedicated themselves to this project, and I’m sure with it’s continued success it will not be the last.

The mall is not too full, and have wheel chairs and strollers available at the Customer Service desk once again at the lower level Belk court.


Modern Conveniences


The best feature of convenience I found in this mall were the many comfortable charging spaces located around the mall.   The seating is plenty, from comfy couches and chairs to  long tables perfect for laptops or sitting on your phone while grabbing a quick bite.   These spots can be found throughout the mall, and are the perfect solution to the age old mall husband conundrum of having to find comfortable places to sit idly and wait.

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14 thoughts on “The Cool Springs Galleria Experience

  1. I read until the words “Cheesecake Factory” and then my brain just imploded. A cheesecake FACTORY? You’ll have to sympathise, I live in a country where there is NO cheesecake whatsoever. This is one mall I wish I could visit!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OH my!!! I can’t imagine an existence without having to indulged in a Cheesecake Factory!!! 😉 Here’s what we will do, I will fly to France and enjoy a week of meditation and horseback riding, and then I’m lugging you back in my suitcase and taking you directly to Cheesecake Factory, stat!


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