Desigual Mission Statement

At the young age of 20 Thomas Meyer, originally from Switzerland, envisaged a future in which people dressed in a different way, in clothes that helped generate positive feelings, affordable to all. And out of this dream Desigual was first born in 1984.Ever since, it has emanated positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun. Because, as their first slogan claimed, Desigual is not the same.”

img_20161030_204634.jpgThe first article of clothing designed by the young Thomas Meyer as a denim jacket that was constructed with scarps from a multitude of different pairs of jeans.  It was a huge seller, and sparked the whirlwind of inspiration he would go on to share with the world.  I’m so glad he did, no designer has truly captured my creative spirit like Meyer.

Desigual’s true peak in success came in 2010 when they hosted a “Come in Your Underwear” campaign.  This is where customers who arrived in only their underwear were able to leave in a Desigual garment at no charge.  In that year sales increased from 338,050 to 594,970!   The company continued a healthy growth until around 2015 when instead of opening, stores began quickly shuttering.

What is the cause of this turn of events?  Just after black Friday the Desigual on 5th avenue in New York suddenly shut it’s doors, and rumor has it the SOHO location will be soon to follow. I was broken hearted when the Dallas North Park location closed in 2013, but now I’m holding out hope we do not lose the store all together.

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