Mall Review: Opry Mills


Opry Mills Mall

Developer:  The Mills Corporation

Management: Simon Mall

Location:   Nashville, TN

Type: Indoor (200+ Stores)






Perfect For:

  • Bargain Hunting
  • Entertainment

Favorite Shops:

  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Disney Store
  • Lego Store


In 2010 Opry Mills Mall was filled in 10 feet of water.  The repairs and refurbishment of the mall took two years, due to legal hold ups between the insurance company and Simon Malls.   In that time there was great concern that the project may be forgotten all together and retailers began fleeing to other locations.   But in 2012 The grand reopening did happen, and many of the retailers were eager to return to this exciting location!


wp-1483576120501.jpgThis mall sees thousands of customers a day considering it is part of the Grand Ol’ Opry Campus.  As a tourist this is the perfect spot to occupy your time between shows, tours, and other local events.  Ride a Purple Unicorn while enjoying the sounds of live music form the next country icon; or let the kids take a round or two on the merry -go-round while you indulge in a quick Starbucks fix in the surrounding food court.  The fun doesn’t stop there, this mall is full of entertainment that could occupy your time for days from immersive restaurants, bungee jumpers, 20 screen movie theatre with IMAX, Dave & Busters, and even a Madame Tussauds Wax Museum coming this Spring.  Near Rainforest cafe is play area for children to enjoy and unwind any of that pint up energy from a day feeling stuck in a stroller or traveling long hours in a car.

To delve into true Nashville culture, there are two Showboats that set sail from the Opry Mills parking lot.   And the mall location is a quick drive to the sites of downtown and the Tennessee Titans football stadium. (Go Oilers!)

Cleanliness and Safetywp-1483576028816.jpg

As far as cleanliness, the mall floor is impeccable, but the store windows need some serious attention.   At Ski Sports I couldn’t even get a clear view of the climbing wall inside for all the smudges on the glass.    Security is present, and is proactive, though there was a recent assault and burglary in the parking lot over the holidays.  Speaking largely for the security team they did act fast on the matter, getting the information
to the appropriate authorities, tracking down the perps, and retrieving all the stolen goods as well as apprehending three criminals in the process.

wp-1483575991460.jpgRetail Variety

Shop variety is vast from novelty to fashion, and all shops are in a quite affordable range as most designer spots, like Saks are outlet locations.  The shops also range form a child’s favorite Disney or Build-a-Bear, a Lego Store for the Tweens to a Pepper Palace and Kitchen Collection for the adults.  The mall is missing a book or entertainment store, Barnes and Nobles moved out in result of the lengthy closure of the mall after the flood, and no other books store like BAM! has replaced it.  Barney’s and Nobles large flagship spot has remained vacant since the reopening, considering the dramatic drag of retail, but finally in April the new, one of a kind, Music Icon Themed wax museum will open the doors that have remained shut now for nearly 5 years.


Wheelchairs are provided complimentary at entry one, and stroller rentals are for charge at each gate entrance.  There are nursing rooms for new mamas, baby changing stations, and family restrooms.   There is valet parking available on the weekends for seven dollars at entry two, which if you ask me is priceless on a high traffic weekend!

If you are ever in Nashville I can’t imagine a reason not to take an afternoon and lose yourself in the excitement of Opry Mills Mall!

If you have already visited this mall Shopgirl is eager to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to leave comments of your favorite things to do or see, and feel free to easily offer your own ranking here:

*Shopgirl’s overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendly, and accessibility

2 thoughts on “Mall Review: Opry Mills

  1. I’ve shopped there a couple of times!! I enjoyed it. It was a little crowded at least one of the times, but then it starts to run in with my memories of Potomac Mills Mall, near DC, which is very similar.

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