Bass Pro Shop Mission Statement

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I know y’all couldn’t have assumed this on your own, but I can’t stand the idea of camping.  It’s not the nature, or the quiet.   And it’s particularly not the detox from technology, no I’d greatly welcome that.   My entire disdain around camping revolves around the toilet. I need that porcelain throne to relieve myself in comfort.   I’m not a hunter (I treasure life too much) and I’m really not a big fisher though, I’ve been known to cast a line out here and there.  I’ve never been surfing and have only kayaked once as a part of a cruise expedition, though these activities both make me nervous as I have a mortal fear of water.

Despite all this, there is something magical that happens when I enter a Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World.  I suddenly find myself immersed in the world of nature, digging through tacky pink camo t-shirts as I am picturing myself sitting on a log near a campfire, whittling away at the the some odd shaped twig while taking in the fresh air of the wilderness.

When you are wandering, blissfully lost in the giant diorama that is Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, you could find it difficult to swallow that it was all started by a man slinging handmade bait out of the back of his father’s liquor store.  Since 1971 John Morris has successfully made grand strides in the world of outdoor sporting goods.   In his shops you will find yourself lost within an entire different world, of fudge & Kettle Corn stands.  Some offer various perks such as surfing classes, aquariums, and archery ranges.  If you are not an outdoors person you can inquire about workshops that have in which they train you in GPS tracking, archery shooting, fly fishing, and even cooking in a dutch oven.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to become immersed and inspired by the Great Outdoors in Outdoors World?  Have you ever tried any of the workshops?   

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