UPDATE! Is There Hope after Bankruptcy for Retailers today?

The Limited only just Released their Outlet Stores in 2012.

While walking along the Opry Mills Mall this weekend I stopped a moment to snap a quick pic of one of the many stealthily closing The Limited locations.  I had heard rumors and cries of bankruptcy over the past month and now here I stood witnessing those urgent red posters screaming with despair hanging like a gallows.   I mean if you are trying to be so secretive about it, then why not follow Kenneth Cole’s Example of a clean “Good Buy” sale?

I thought perhaps there would be a story here.  I researched but found very little explanation.  It’s as simple as corporate refuses to talk and bankruptcy has been reported.  As far as 7 or 11 bankruptcy, I suppose that is the real question.  In other words are there plans for restructuring or have the investors and executives given up all hope?  With their quick movement to liquidate, their loss of two CEO’s over the course of two months, and absolutely no public announcement of any form of restructuring I can only imagine this will be the end of one of my favorite professional clothiers.

Shopgirl’s Advice:  If you are holding a The Limited gift card, redeem those puppies today!  Oh, and that New Years Eve dress you tried so hard to maintain flawless until midnight?  Ya…returns are not going to be a thing.


A few steps further down the hall I came across another ceasing Aeropostale.  Something I have already reported on, but I paused to snap a quick pic of it anyway, (Jess) just for safe measure.  You never know when (Jess) some bizarre, (Jess) unexpected twist of (Jess)…”what?!  I’m busy taking a picture and pondering on the doom of retail as we know it!” My husband stood, staring towards me as his hand pointed towards a tiny, modest 10 inch circular sign that hung amongst the sea of blinding posters, “This isn’t goodbye”.

Now this sparked my interest, perhaps it was the large sum of hope this tiny cut-out seemed to instill.  Perhaps it was the insane nosiness I possess when it comes to retail finances…but I just had to know what was to come!   I spent a good couple of hours reading whatever reports I could, in hopes there would be some glimpse into what they were planning.

It obviously was already in the works, and they are obvious already far into their plan for rejuvenation, as the new locations are set to open this month!  But through my fastidious reading all I could come across were two facts:

  • Aeropostale was purchased in September by Mall Management Giants Simon and GGP: This is a mutually beneficial relationship.   This is not going to become a commonplace occurrence, mall management baling out the struggling retail chains, but perhaps the fact that Simon and GGP took an interest and an investment in Aeropostale shows that their numbers are promising.
  • Aeropostale is closing 104 less stores than originally projected

So what of this new elusive reopening?   I imagine a remodel, obviously.  Perhaps a rebranding, much like Pac Sun successfully accomplished just narrowly escaping total closure in 2012/2013?  A new style in product, like CEO Cox has reimagined for Wet Seal just over the past few months?  Whatever the case, we are excited to discover the new Aeropostale.

What are your thoughts?  Where do you think these two company’s are heading?

7-retailersclosing-shopUPDATE:: It is confirmed that The Limited will Close all brick and mortar locations by this Sunday.  My Sources Reads:

“We’re sad to say that all The Limited stores nationwide have officially closed their doors. But this isn’t goodbye. The styles you love are still available online,” -thelimited.com.

So order your casual professional women’s apparel online…while that lasts anyway…

Originally Posted January 2nd, 2017







35 thoughts on “UPDATE! Is There Hope after Bankruptcy for Retailers today?

  1. It is clear that ‘malls’ around the country are struggling these days. So no surprise the ‘mall giants’ are trying something new…to save themselves as well, I’m sure. I do still shop at malls, but the ‘sameness’ of them all is just overwhelmingly boring at times. Give me a quaint little downtown full of small family run boutiques and shops!

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    1. Yes, I love Simon malls they are breaking out of the sameness, creating experiences. I have started traveling seeking out malls and noting the ones that have really put the effort into making it something unique, and post them every Thursday.


  2. I think Amazon and other online giants have helped tip the balance and led to many of the storefront closures. Our local mall is full of shops for rent. Having spent 10 years working with my mom in her Asian antiques store I regret taking it for granted that I knew the majority of our customers by their first names.

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  3. I find it kind of serendipitous to read this – I took a stroll around a neighborhood mall on New Years Day – it was raining and I wanted to walk. The Limited was pretty empty – except for the mannequins – and I debated and debated about purchasing one. Seems like the one thing that there is a supply of will be mannequins – and thrift shops – which seem to be multiplying daily in Atlanta!

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  4. I get so confused by it all! We have had ones that have vanished off the face off the earth, ones that have been bought out and mostly stayed the same, ones that have been bought out and turned into something else. And, most confusing of all, ones that have said they are going into liquidation, started all the closing down sales…and then never closed! In some cases, chains that were supposed to have been going years ago are still just there and I don’t know why! I assume they got some kind of bail out & survived, but I do sometimes wonder if it’s just the slowest liquidation ever!

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  5. The world is changing so rapidly, especially retailing. I just heard that many Macys will be closing. Our buying habits are changing, our world is changing, the meaning of work, employment and buying are altering so quickly. Retailers and retailing will have to change in some dramatic ways.

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  6. The more and more I think about it with the exponential growth of online retail if actual physical stores will have to combine to stay alive. Or maybe in the future the only physical stores will be for trying on clothes and then ordering from their store online. Regardless of what happens I think business will survive . . . somehow.

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    1. It will survive, just not as we know it today. There will be new ways, new trends. The retail experience is what’s dying off, not retail itself. The trouble with that, is with the death of the experience is the death of millions of worthwhile and rewarding jobs over time. I did write a post in relation to how easy and beneficial it could have been for Amazon to save K-Mart last week. https://wordpress.com/stats/day/shopgirlanonymous.com Unfortunately, with current news, I don’t know if they could have actually acted fast enough anyway…


  7. Being in California, most of our malls are outdoors. In NorCal, a lot of stores like Macy’s are closing. The one I worked as as a seasonal hire closed last year. The mall it was in struggles too. I love online shopping, but I like to go into department stores and try on clothes. Either that or hit the outlets–lots more of them, too!

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  8. Malls are dinosaurs here. Unless they are changing to overall entertainment centers with lots of restaurant options, gaming options or amusement/water parks attached they are closing. But, how long will this trend last?

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  9. I think keeping up with the times and being forward thinking is what will keep retailers alive and relevant. So many stores are closing because of online sales which has emptied a lot of shopping malls around the country.

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  10. The Limited used to be THE place to shop when I was in high school. Can’t say I’ve been in once since then! 🙂 I am happy to hear that Aeropostale is reopening, I know my nieces will be pleased, too! Thanks for making me the aunt with good news!

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  11. I don’t know what aeropostale is doing but I sure hope when they reopen they have sizes for real women. It used to frustrate the heck out of me to go in with my little sister (a perfect size 4), find a thousand things I would love to have then realise their sizes are all for models and anorexics. It is beyond annoying.

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    1. I don’t know if you ever read my original Aeropostale post, but that was exactly the issue I found when trying to just find some jeans that could fit comfortably post-partum a few years back in Houston.

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