Mall Review: Miracle Mile Shops



Perfect For:

  • The Millennial Crowd
  • Escaping the Desert Heat

Must Stop Shops:

  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Desigual
  • Kush

wp-1477686834335.jpegBehind The Scenes

For walkability, and optimal variety of shops and activities the Miracle Mile Mall was by far my favorite stop in Vegas!  In fact we visited this mall three times in our five day get away. Once designed to accompany the Aladdin resort and hotel this mall transports you into a magical Moroccan land.  This sensation truly comes to life with the hourly rain storm, which is accompanied by lights, sounds, and mist.  In 2003 a mishandling of the Aladdin grand re-opening in 2000, led the historic resort and casino to hand the keys over to Planet Hollywood & Starwood Hotel and Resorts.  Which then of course required a remodel to at least half of the mall to a Hollywood theme.  Starwood, of course after only a couple of years, found themselves defaulting on the mortgage and handing their keys off once more, this time to Caesars.

Despite all the rough roads behind the scenes, the mall has become one of the top 10 busiest malls in the entire United States.

Until just this year the mall was run jointly by Caesar’s and Planet Hollywood, but in the latter half of 2016 was sold for $1.1 Billion to the Institutional Mall Investors, LLC.  Planet Hollywood is confident in their decision, knowing the investment company is far more equipped to take this incredible attraction to the next level.  And after seeing the amazing job and reward that Simon has achieved from their investment in The Shops at Crystals; I for one am excited to witness what the future holds for this incredible mall.

wp-1477686815543.jpegAnd Oh The Variety…

A mile of shopping offers great opportunity for a grand variety in food, shopping, and entertainment, and this mall has taken advantage of every square inch to achieve their potential.  Grab your favorite coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and if you do not have a favorite yet, might I suggest any flavor of the Original Blend Iced Coffee.

These shops are more moderate in price than most of Vegas, making it welcoming to a wider demographic of customer.   Anything from the unique fashion of Desigual, the entrancing art to Vladimir Kush, and the ever so fun Houdini’s Magic Shop!


With over 15 restaurants in all range of prices and cuisine, anyone can find something to chow down on.  I did not receive the opportunity, but my next visit to Vegas will definitely entail a visit to Gordon Ramsay’s burger joint, BurGR.

Within the entire walk of the mall is The Axis venue.  At present this is where you can satisfy your inner early 2000’s fantasies and steal a sneak a peek at J Lo or Britney.  Also available are shows like:  Hypnosis And Zombie Burlesque.  At present no shows shown in this venue are children appropriate.  


The Important Details

I never felt unsafe in this mall, it was clean and well kept.   I saw no, and find nowhere on their website, any information about stroller or wheel chair rentals.  The entire mall is one story, but due to its large spans I do advise anyone who needs assistance for walking do bring appropriate gear.  This mall would be a fun adventure for kids but does not provide any additional shops or areas that specialize in family fun.

Take in the unique sights and funky vibes of the Miracle Mile Shops of Vegas
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If you have already visited this mall, this shopgirl is eager to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to leave comments of your favorite things to do or see. Also, please offer your own ranking here:

*Shopgirl’s overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendly, and accessibility.

*Overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendliness, and accessibility.

7 thoughts on “Mall Review: Miracle Mile Shops

  1. I’ve had my fair share of trips to Vegas! (It was only a few hours drive from my college, so we went there on our long weekends!). Miracle Mile was always one of my favorite places to roam. It was fun watching all the drunk people buying things impulsively. And I love going to their Fat Tuesday shop for some Jell-O shots and a drink!

    Oh, my college years. I sure do miss them!

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