Shop Girl’s Year in Review and Resolutions

I must admit that this Shop Girl has been absent for quite the majority of 2016.  With family issues ranging from lay offs, and the health complications I had to leave my shop girl persona and focus on my household.   In September I slowly crept back into the scene, but I did not intend to reignite Shopgirl, my focus was on my parenting blog.  I wanted to be a “MomBlog”.  I  imagined it, headers with lesson plans, DIY’s, and fun activities that allowed me to be more involved with my home and my blog at the same time.  I wanted the cool little gif on my side bar “Top Mom Blog” with the animated brunette greeting each and every one of my readers.

The fantasy lasted for about a month, while I would sneakily contribute an article here and there on the exciting world of management back on shopgirl. Over time, I began to realize I wouldn’t find the same verve within myself for my MomBlog like the one I had discovered for my retail based blog. So I decided to re-evaluate and refocus my efforts on Shopgirl.

Hindsight is 20-20 and with a near year long sabbatical from blogging full time I had much time to reflect on where I may have gone wrong, and where perhaps I could refocus my energy and efforts.

My Resolutions for my 2016 Return:

  • Actually update my Shopgirl Anonymous Facebook Page
  • Create an Instagram (update it once, daily)
  • Find more searchable topics (mission statements, destination reviews)
  • Stop being too shy to accept any assistance and advice offered
  • Fully participate in blog promotional opportunities, issuing comments to all those placing their blogs out there with me.

The Results:


2015: Blogged Everyday for 10 months VS 2016: Blogged Everyday for 2 months.

My Top Ten Posts for 2016

  1. Gap, Inc. Mission Statement
  2. Behind the Scenes: A Shop Girls Blog Success
  3. Communication Binders
  4. Exposing the Unexpected Revolution and Recreation for a Shop Girl
  5. How to Indulge, Inspire, and Reform Your Community
  6. Exposed: 3 Reasons Direct Sells is not Small Business
  7. Keychains “R” Us
  8. CEO Wonder Woman Makes Remarkable Strides at Wet Seal
  9. Spencer’s Gift Mission Statement
  10. Freaky Friday: The Foot Fetish

A Special Thanks to My Followers!

My Goals for 2017:

  • Publish Shop Girl Anonymous the Novel
  • Discover a Better Balance between Blog and Being Mom
  • Attend one real life Blogging Conference
  • 50 Malls! 50 Missions!
  • Work towards building my Flipboard, and Pinterest following.
  • Increase my Blog Following by 20%

My Resolutions for 2017:

  • Share through Social Media more posts published by other blogs.
  • Visit Malls in Tennessee and Atlanta before March
  • Look Into how to find Blogging Conferences. 😉
  • Spend more planned and controlled times on blog promotion opportunities Such as Meet & Greets, and Blog Shares.
  • Study up on Flipboard and Pinterest Strategies
  • Utilize Co Schedulers Headline Rater for every Post, No Title under 70.
  • Newer Phone=Better Quality pictures! 🙂

Until Next Time Fanboys and Girls–>



16 thoughts on “Shop Girl’s Year in Review and Resolutions

  1. I agree with your reader above that you are very organized. My least achievable ability in all aspects of my life, lol. I find my ability to blog frequently is completely linked to my day job. When we have months of heavy testing at school, I rarely blog. Other months I have the time and wherewithal to blog more frequently. Good luck and enjoy 2017!

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  2. Wow! You are so organized! I’m in awe— I haven’t even come up with a single resolution yet, gah! Lol! Looks like you are ready to roll for 2017!!! Wishing you all the best in the New Year!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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