Urban Outfitter’s Mission Statement

“…We’re a passionate, creative, entrepreneurial bunch who think outside the box and are all about providing a unique shopping experience while inspiring and connecting with our customers.”          -URBN Website

And what an inspiration they are.   From the eclectic unique kitchen collection at Anthropologie to the funky one of a kind gifts that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression from Urban Outfitters, URBN continues to break out of the norm and create a unique experience for its customers.  This unique footprint does not stop at their product, but in the experience of their retail locations.   There is no denying the sensation that overcomes you when you enter one of their meticulously designed shops of whimsy.

All of this started when two college buddies decided to run their own secondhand fashion stop across form the University of Pennsylvania in the 1970’s.   Who could have imagined that this little shop, called Free People, would lead to a mega-retailer of 400 locations that climbed it’s creator Richard Hayne to be the 40th richest person in Pennsylvania.  A true inspiration and a model example of the American Dream.

But URBN does not stop at inspiring and connecting with only their customers.   For their employees they are supportive of their health and well being.   They offer fitness classes, sports leagues, and on site amenities assure a well balanced lifestyle for their employees.

URBN believes in reaching back out into the community with their hand in at least seven outreach programs that focus in their hometown of Philly, and on out to more global matters.   From Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Big Brother/Big Sister, and Vetri Community Partnership they are able to take their part in changing the world for the better.

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More On Richard Hayne

URBN Website

8 thoughts on “Urban Outfitter’s Mission Statement

  1. Great info! I’ve lived and worked in the UPenn area, been to Urban Outfitters Walnut street location, purchased things, but wasn’t knowledgeable about their business statement! Thanks for the enlightenment!


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  2. I love a mission statement that isn’t too refined and has some personality to it! Can’t say I’ve been to URBN in the last 15 years, but I do remember going while in Chicago in High School and that is exactly as I remember the store. Fun, unique, and engaging. Very cool back story!

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    1. Definitely, while I was a DM I had a childhood friend who was high up in management with URBN, and she loved every minute of it. I keep considering returning there if I ever go back. Haha I say that about allot of companies though. 😉


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