Ulta Mission Statement

“We’re on a quest to bring the fun of beauty to all —constantly delighting our guests with all things beauty all in one place, while offering rewarding careers for our passionate, beauty-loving associates.”

This quote is taken directly from the Ulta Website.

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Surprising as it is, I’m not a big fashion or beauty enthusiast.  My eyeliner is permanent just so that I can pretend to be wearing make up everyday.  Despite my great disinterest in beauty, there is just something about Ulta I just fall in love with all over again every time I enter.  From nail polish to shampoos, Ulta is my one stop shop for any rare beauty runs.

So honestly I don’t even know where to begin when searching the aisles.  What’s your favorite go-to beauty/self-care must have?


This is a part of Linda G Hill’s One Liner Wednesday.


Disclaimer: I do not claim the rights to this mission statement, and am no way affiliated with the Company Represented in this post. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the company represented here.

4 thoughts on “Ulta Mission Statement

  1. Ooo will def check them out thx! One beauty product I love (bc it does many things) is a rose water face wash/makeup remover/eyeshadow intensifier/primer. It’s made by an Etsy shop called arachnes demise. If she’s still around I highly recommend it. Organic and handmade and I’ve had my bottle over a yr. xoxo

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  2. Your eyeliner comment reminds me of two friends. One would never face the world without being fully made up and turned out. The process required at least an hour. Therefore, we never saw her in the morning before eleven.

    The other had head shots done in LA. Someone convinced her to shave her eyebrows, assuring her they’d grow back. They didn’t. Each day she’s required to draw new ones on. She talks about having them permanently put on but money is an issue and she seems a little ambivalent about executing it.


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    1. My mother does it for a living, so mine was a experimental practice run (but she’s a natural so it was flawless). They can be a little pricey, but with the eyebrows having to be drawn everyday, I’d say the 400 bucks would be a bargain!

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