2016 Blogs of the Year Nominations

Unknown to me, there is apparently an annual award program hosted by the users of WP.  Think of it like a People’s Choice Award.  And now of course we are all asked to do our part as members of the blogging community and submit or vote for who we see best suited for ALL of the following categories.  Yes that’s right, all.  No partial submissions.  So here are ALL of my nominees:

And The Categories Are:

Blogger of the Year: Tony Burgess
When I first saw Tony’s blog I was at a loss, his posts were short, and at the time I would have called them status updates more than I would blog posts.   But for over a year I have followed him to work, enjoyed delicious dinners with he and his amazing wife.  I have gone to the movies with him, and enjoyed the sites of (one of my favorite spots in Tennessee) Chattanooga all from the comforts of my couch in my living room.  Tony is active in supporting his followers, and feels more like a friend and less like just another subscription on your blog wall.  He is your break from monotonous poetry and overstated advice columns, he is real, authentic, and a breath of fresh air.  He is the guy, that everybody knows his name, you find some exotic new blog that’s way off the beaten path, chances are you will find his comments there too.

Blog of the Year: Ned’s Blog
What talent, what charisma, and what charm.  Ned’s blog is truly that of professional grade, perhaps because he is a professional.

Kindest Blogger:  By Hook or By Book
Kim has been a devoted follower for the short time I’ve known her.  I watch on he blog as she is so encouraging to her fellow bloggers, promoting their huge accomplishments.  And she never ever fails to check out my daily post and hit that little “like” button.  Thanks Kim, for your dedication to your readers!!!

Most Approachable Blogger:  A Momma’s View
Momma’s View is on the spot when you have any questions.  She is quick to get back to your comments and always makes an effort to like what you have to say about her blog.  She is open to a world of Guest Bloggers, having made her blog quite the hub for anyone on WordPress.

Best New Blogger:  ????

Okay so here’s the deal.  I can’t really tell who is really new and who really isn’t in most cases.  So I’m asking anyone who has a blog that is less than a year old to please share your link in the comments below so I can fill in this slot before the end of the week!  Or even if you can recommend a green blogger, that would be great too!

Most Positive Blog:  Tales from the Cabbage Patch
Things are always playful and fun at the Cabbage Patch

Most Helpful Blogger:  Skipah’s Realm
Oh my goodness y’all, there are so many amazing blog help blogs out there, but Skipah has not only helped me in the blog world but in the real world too.   Through the hardest part of custody battles with my step son his words kept me sane.   And as a blogger, since day one he has had amazing faith in me, my ideas, and my talents, (even before I did).  I owe Gary a huge THANK YOU, of all the assistance he has offered me over two years time, and his dedication and his patience for this not so low maintenance apprentice.

Best Looking Blog: Joshi Daniel Photography
“Best Looking” is an understatement to the magnitude that is this blog.  Joshi Daniel’s photographs absolutely move and transport me.   They are so honest, and so beautiful, and all that amazing photography just absolutely covers his blog.  Please take a moment to review his photos .

Most Relatable Blog: But I Smile Anyway

From life as a mom, life as a woman, and life just in general day to day as a human, Ritu’s blog keeps me grounded.

Most Creative Blogger:  Cee’s Photo Challenge
Not only does Cee spend her time entertaining us with her own lovely photographs, she pushes it one step further, hosting photo contest every weekday of every single week.  Participate, enjoy the art, and meet new bloggers every day!

Funniest Blogger:  My Least Favorite Child Today
Although he had not been posting quite as much as he once did, this dad is figuring out parenting one day at a time.  Of course he has double the trouble, with twin boys.  Ofcourse as a parent I had to pick some mom/dad blog, but seriously, this one is quite unconventional, see for yourself!

The Wildcard: The Humpo Show
Love this blog!  Richard does a fine job reviewing the newest hottest movies and shows on TV.  Hear his opinion, share yours!

For more information on how to participate please visit The 2016 Blogger Awards.

Until Next Time Fanboys and Girls–>



26 thoughts on “2016 Blogs of the Year Nominations

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the nomination. I am deeply humbled and honoured by this and, not just because of the nomination, but because you have provided me a wonderful opportunity to discover other blogs I otherwise would not have found on my own. You have brought each of us together to mingle and get to know one another on your special blog. Thank you for this opportunity and for making the world a brighter and smaller place. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cee, you are one of the hardest working bloggers I’ve ever met, you deserve far more than just a pat on the back for all the inspiration, excitement, and networking you do for so many of your followers!

      Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

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