Shop Girl VS Bloglovin’

I, a human blogger, created my Bloglovin’ account over a year and a half ago.  It perplexed me, it made me feel lost in the overwhelming void that may be felt of a tiny gold fish swimming amongst the sharks.   In hopes my readers who may be more experienced than myself would step up and help: I posted a couple of questions.

The concept of Bloglovin’ seems wonderful, like a great opportunity to reach out beyond the WordPress Realm and network with a sea of bloggers like yourself. But when I get on it seems cold, and distant.  I don’t really know where to begin, and so I guess, I just let myself forget of its existence until recently.  So here I go again, and here are my new questions:

  1. I repeat my first question, where are the human blogs?
    • Isn’t that the point of Bloglovin?  To connect with other bloggers who seek out assistance to grow?  Why do I only find professional editorials, and/or bloggers who already have 500,000 plus followers?  Where can I seek out to find some comrades and kindred souls?  The real concern to me here, is if I’m not receiving any human blogs in my feed, then no one is seeing my blog in their’s.
  2. Where do I fit in?
    • It seems that Bloglovin’ provides a series of categories along the top, you know the stereotypical blogging categories of fashion, DIY, food & drink, and fitness.  So where do I belong?  I’m not here to give you fashion tips, or attempt to claim to be an expert parent even though I only have one two year old child.   Because of juggling my kids that I’m not an expert on raising and writing this blog and my memoir I have not the time to attempt any new DIY’s to tell you about.  My life is in a dietary nightmare, and let’s be honest a weekly Food Court  Cravings Friday does not rank me with the food snob elites, and then this gut would definitely tell you that quick lap of photographing malls is the most exercise I receive.   So where do I fit, what do I claim as my category?
  3. Are you following me on bloglovin?
    • Wait I already know this one!  Unless your blog is Hey Han, the answer is no.  Does anyone follow anyone, really on bloglovin?  The only blogs I’m finding are too busy waving away the masses to have time to fiddle with such quaint ideals such as following others.  Though I know that the people that follow are out there somewhere, because then where did those 444,365 other followers come from?  Why isn’t Bloglovin’ connecting me with those peeps?
  4. What’s the best way to search for blog categories?
    • So to network on WP or Instagram I am quick to search topics that will likely hold like minded writers/photographers.   In WordPress I search for small business, shop small, cashier, retail, or by specific names of retailers.   In instagram I have my usual hashtags I visit of #malllife #retailtherapy #shopsmall #shoplocal.  I generally head down other various trails as I grow more engrossed in my search, but with bloglovin’ I don’t even know where to begin.  It has me shop either by “blog name” or “category”.  So I go under category and type in all of these and come up with very little from normal human blogs.
  5. Are you on Bloglovin’?
    • I’m more than happy to follow you!  I need a little more human in my life.
  6. Have you been successful with Bloglovin’?
    • In what way has it benefited you as a writer, blogger, or reader?

In search of answers to my questions from the creator’s themselves I discovered the Bloglovin’ Academy, which thrilled me to pieces.   I was so filled with excitement I felt out of breath as my toes curled with delight.  With great anticipation, I quickly clicked on “Growing your Followers”, I hardly could contain myself over the short wait for the instructions to load!

  1. Add the widget: hmmm…Thanks for that, task completed March 2015.  Though to a newly newb this would be helpful…yes okay…
  2. Notify Your Users: Yup, yup, yup, again did that March 2015, and now here again today, and does this need to be said?  Is this supposed to turn on shed some light of inspiration?
  3. Claim Your Blog:  Ookay…well that was prompted during the initial set up.

I scrolled further with great anticipation, but found…nothing more.  That was it, that is all the “academy” had to offer.  I felt as lost as I had before I’d clicked the link.

Okay, sarcasm aside, I am open to any advice from anyone who has successfully worked their way through Bloglovin’.  If you do happen by my Bloglovin’ please check out my collections.  Or if you happen to know another blogger networking site outside of WP please let me know, it’s been nearly two years I’m ready to expand my horizons!

Because WordPress loves to take my money and my freedom they of course do not support Bloglovin in post widgets so look over ^ & —>

All some web hosts just love to watch the world burn.



34 thoughts on “Shop Girl VS Bloglovin’

  1. Hey thanks for reminding me to check my blogluvin’ account!
    My stats kept saying people were visiting my blog via Blogluvin’…
    So finally I joined, but then didn’t know what to do next :-/
    Just checked now and no follows, but my posts are there! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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  2. I have a BlogLovin account for the sake of having it, but I bet I haven’t logged into my actual BlogLovin account for two years. I do participate in Activate feature of BlogLovin but that is a separate website. With your retail knowledge though you might look into it for some paid opportunities. 🙂

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  3. For what it’s worth, I’m on Bloglovin, but not doing anything with it. I didn’t see a whole lot there that had any value to me. I follow blogs exclusively on Feedly and don’t even use WordPress’s reader, and I haven’t received comments from anyone who found my blog through Bloglovin, so it’s not doing anything for me. I’ll leave my blog there, only because I don’t want to go through the hassle of taking it off. I don’t even remember my login and password.

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  4. I’ve heard of Bloglovin’ but never investigated it. I’m already deeply confused by things newer than rotary dial phones so I’m sticking to the relatively simple concept of WordPress; write it and pray they read it.

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  5. Smiled and nodded as I read. I guess I’m as clueless and as anonymous as you are. I’m happy to use the free WordPress site, though. No intention of paying to share my thoughts! Best wishes for blogging success. Have a lovely week. Smiles xx

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  6. I wish I could be more help. I’m as lost as you are. I claimed my blog, and then I never visited Bloglovin’ again. I like your #s. I always use #momlife #toddlers #faith, and that’s just in the past year. Before that, I didn’t understand #s even.

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    1. Ya, I remember it wasn’t long ago I was asking my husband 21 questions on the origin of hashtags and why on Earth they were necessary. Now that I’m on Instagram I’m “hashtagging” like 20+ tags a post, like a boss. 😉

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  7. I tried Bloglovin’ when I first started and got nowhere with it so I abandoned it. Most of my followers come from WP and FB. I have flirted with self-hosted but like the ease of WP keeps me here. Sigh.

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    1. That’s how I felt, but I do love the fact that they do have the collections feature, where I can help encourage followers to read other blogs I follow that fit into their interest! I guess I could more easily achieve my reach of that on Pinterest at this point?

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      1. Probably. I find Pinterest much easier to use and more friendly to smaller blogs like mine. It is not as interactive as I would like but I try to do that more on WP, Twitter and IG.

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