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November is over, meaning the election is done, the turkey is eaten, and black Friday is complete.  As I surfed through blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and other various sources of social media I felt bombarded by negativity, and a definite divide.   Trump vs Hilton.  Racists VS The Rest of us (Seriously how is racism still a thing in this modern age after decades of pure coexistence?).  Turkey VS Ham.  And Shoppers VS Retailers.   The blogs I have cycled through compare the meaning of Christmas to decorations and shopping, and attacking shopping malls as some sort of dark lair of the ever so wicked world of commercialism.

But truly what we need for December is to come together as a solid community.   No one is thrilled to be at a crowded mall, on either side of the register, but we must remember that we are working it out together.   Someone’s bad day may shine louder than other’s, but we must remember we are all human, and we are all someone’s bad guy at some point or another.  So let’s have patience, understanding, and a little more relaxed attitude.  Everyone works different, no two minds are alike, we must remind ourselves that’s the beauty of humanity, and bask in our differences.

All this being said I am eager to show retail related blogs that do not capitalize on demeaning the ignorance mistaken as stupidity of our customers.  And shopping blogs that do not focus on the darker thoughts of retail.  So without further ado:


A Haunting Image from A Dead Mall in Bangkok

The Enchanting Brewer Staircase

Opportunities of Paying it Forward:

A Treat for Your Cashier

A Reward for Shopping Small 

Feel free to leave links to your holiday positivity posts, or even better the positive posts of others in the comments below.


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