Mall Review: The Shops at Crystals

3-4-3The Shops at Crystals

Management: Simon

Location:   Las Vegas, NV

Theme: Contemporary Art

Type: Indoor





Family Fun:

Intriguing art along the Walk Way

Favorite Shops:

Harry Winston

Tiffany & Co.


The word Aria, a term used to describe wp-1477686905821.jpegan expressive melody, was obviously utilized to inspire this unique state of this artistically inspired mall through its immersive and incredibly sensational architecture.  This is flat out the most contemporary and beautiful mall I have ever seen.  Though I could never personally afford more than one item a visit I found myself more in aw over the contemporary art that lined its walkways, and the magnificent unique immersive designs.

This is obviously a newer addition to the strip, built in 2009.   And as expected Simon has done an impeccable job at maintaining the amenities, restrooms, halls, and walls which are not lined with scuffs or litter like most malls tend to begin to show a bit of age when they start to approach a decade.   Though I was surprised by the seemingly low occupancy for a 7 year old mall.


Conveniently located and easily Accessible!

The location of this mall is perfect, in the center of the Las Vegas Strip and equipped with a completely free shuttle that connects to two other casinos, making moving about the strip much simpler.  The mall itself too is easily walkable with two stories of shopping, equipped with stairs, escalators, and even poshly styled elevators.

This mall is not built for families, though it is completely stroller friendly, there are no real children friendly shops, activities, or restaurants.


I encourage anyone visiting Vegas to take in the songlike experience of The Shops at Crystals.  

If you have already visited this mall, this shopgirl is eager to hear your thoughts and opinions! Feel free to leave comments of your favorite things to do or see. Also, please offer your own ranking here:

*Shopgirl’s overall rating is determined from an average of mall security, cleanliness, activities, family friendly, and accessibility.

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