Shopgirl Photo Challenge

Happy Thursday All!

I have finally created an Instagram account strictly for ShopGirlAnonymous.  Feel free to check me out on my blog homepage, or through instagram username: Shopgirlanonymous. Please feel free to check me out; if you like what you see feel free to follow me.

In celebration of this new chapter of social media-dom I am asking for you participation in a photochallenge for my new weekly segment, Food Court Craves Friday.  The weekly winner will receive recognition on my Website as well as on my Instagram, and the personal satisfacton of best pic.

Rules are simple:

1. Photo must be related to any mall food court.

2. Photo must have the tag #sganon and if you are posting on instagram please tag @shopgirlanonymous. On wordpress please link back to this post so that I can find you and others learn how to participate.

3. Photo must be posted anytime from now to Friday midnight cst.

4. Have fun with this!

My submission this week:


Until Next Time Fanboys and Girls—>


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