What I Loved About Vegas

When the hubby first surprised me with a birthday trip to Las Vegas I wasn’t incredibly exciting.   My last birthday had been to a casino, my first casino.   I imagined glamor, lights, distinguished businessmen throwing craps, and fine dressed women carefully placing their chips on the spots their intuition called them to on the roulette tables.  Instead would I found was sadness and desperation.  People with missing teeth and mangled hair sitting with anxiety over what must be their last dime in their savings account.   The pawn shop or shed conveniently placed out back added to the sadness, all the items people lost out of desperation.

But I insisted I would stay positive, “I love the shows.” Everyone would rave.  Though the tickets too were quite costly so what to do with the times we weren’t sitting in on David Copperfield or Ka’ (both amazing by the way)?

The gambling, the shows, the food, but no ever in my life ever mentioned the malls!  I imagined one mall, something sad like the one I found myself locked out of in Reno in my teens, but no there were tons and tons of them!  Each unique in theme, and done with such specific ornate planning that the experiences were unreal.  I found my love for the shop girl life, the mall life, the retail life rejuvenated!  I thought of your my readers and how much I wish you were there to share the experiences with so I took many photos of each and every mall that left an impression (there were just too many to really savor them all).  Obviously this will take several posts, and this will be something I will be maintaining weekly as there are so many pictures to sort through and edit.

I won’t stop with Vegas though, I do hope to share with you mall experiences from everywhere, perhaps reinvigorate the wonderment of malls.   Very excited for this new endeavor, and I hope you are as excited as I am!

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