The Treasures Found While Shopping Local

What is something unique and special you have found while shopping local?

Homeschool To UnSchool

I have recently returned to the wonderful and whimsical world of authoring.  I eat, drink, and dream words.  The largest obstacle I’ve come across in my great return is picking out reviewing eyes.   My poor babysitter is paid in cash per hour and the kind demand of reading over the most recent chapters fresh off the presses.

I created an online workshop with some friends from high school I used to write with and still write.  Over the years we have lost touch and our distance combined with “adulting” and life the online workshop has turned out to be quite a bust.  I’ve asked around for a community writer’s group and everyone just looks at me, “you mean like a college course?”

Saturday morning I was sitting around, maturely pouting and feeling sorry for myself when my husband discovered that there was a local author expo in town.  It was advertised in…

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