The Importance of Processes

As a young store manager I look back and wonder, how did no one from corporate ever require me to sit down and record my processes?  I had them, we followed them, but I never recorded them.  I never reviewed them.  I never had anyone look over them for quality assurance.

We follow processes everyday.  From when we rise in the morning to when we fall asleep we are following a series of processes.  There is a process we follow when brewing our coffee, there is a process we follow to drive to work or school, and there is even a process to the steps we take.  Every effort requires a process; should we break away from the established process our end product will differ.

For Example a process to produce a cup of coffee at home looks something like this:


  • What would be the result if we had to change your brand or flavor of K Cup?
    • Your coffee would not taste the same.

Perhaps we are out of our favorite Pumpkin Spice K Cup, and so we find ourselves fumbling in the back of the cabinet for any suitable substitute.  We grasp at the back and find a wayward Cinnamon flavored K Cup.  It’s not our favorite, but hey it’s caffeine, right?

Now consider you are at Starbucks the next morning since you were unable to make it to
the store the day before.  You order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but receive a Cinnamon Latte.  The barista behind the counter shrugs it off when you complain, “We have a problem, we are all out of Pumpkin Spice.  I’m sorry this was the closest substitute we had.”  This is the moment that you as a customer would flip your switch and morph into the customer from Hades.

What is the difference between the two situations?

There are two components here.  One being you are investing about five times the amount of cash into this same cup of coffee.  Two is that this is a coffee establishment, and there is a series of higher expectations that are laid on a company that places all of their focus on one single product.  You want when you leave a Starbucks to have the same level of heat, taste, and richness each and every time.  You want conformity of product.

So how do we assure conformity of product?  By establishing processes and reviewing their effectiveness.

Do you know your processes?  In your job?  In your writing?  With your family?

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Processes

  1. I try to use processes but I seem to always bestep a point if it has more than three steps.. I have a short attention span and I want the quickest and most available way to get things done and it seems to happen it that I end of doing my way then then the process way anyway and i waste alot of time .. but no matter how hard I try to change this process in me it continues.

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    1. Aye Aye Aye, You are preaching to the ADHD choir! Processes for me take extra practice for me considering my scatterbrained lack of focus! Don’t forget positive habits happen for most over the course of 18 days…no rush, as my stepson loves to remind me: practice makes perfect.

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  2. Being a creative individual, my nature is to reject the repetition of logic and processes, but in recent times I too have found the important factors that were missing from my life because of my lack of attention to my process.

    I’m reading a great book right now about the cathartic process of rising from our failures and missteps. You may enjoy it! It’s called Rising Strong by Brené Brown 🙂 your post reminded me of her.

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    1. In my most recent job I was somehow put in charge of the process compliance throughout the company. Something so simple I had never really considered before then, I love to shake things up, but to assure quality in my work I try my hardest to stick to the processes that are proven.

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