Spencer’s Gifts Mission Statement

“Life’s a Party—We’re Makin’ it Fun!”


I sit and I read inspirational, mountain moving mission statements all day long.  Some are quite cliche, and some are pretty routine.  I was passing by Spencer’s Gifts the other day, a place I haven’t shopped since I was perhaps in my early twenties, and thought to myself, what on Earth could their mission statement be?!  I thought what inspirational, world quaking, heartfelt vision could they hold?  So I looked it up, “Life’s a Party—We’re Makin’ it Fun!”  I couldn’t think of a statement more fitting when I look into the kaleidoscopic store filled with nostalgic juvenile humor, and trendy tee’s.  Without even stepping into the shop you are overwhelmed with the sensation of a party, and for those in search for something upbeat and unique without a doubt are drawn in.

Spencer’s Gifts is a much older chain then once might imagine, starting as a novelty catalog business in the late 1940’s.  Looking through old vintage catalogs on Pinterest and through Google searches I could only find as far back as the 1960’s, a truly funky collection, back when funky was totally cool.

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Hands down my favorite Halloween store is always Spirit, my husband actually owned a franchise one year nearly a decade ago.  He loved working with the company and 100% enjoyed the processes and products.  When I worked in retail Spencer’s employees loved their job, they were organized, had excellent LP, and took care of their employees.  I hope they have maintained this level of employee satisfaction over these four short years.

But Spencer’s Gifts is much more than lava lamps, risque’ costumes, and pop culture references; they are also a huge component in raising money to help educate and aid in the fight to beat cancer.  Through the Boobies Make Me Smile Campaign, sales of their $2 rubber bracelets lead directly into donations to one of three organizations who place all of their efforts into anti-cancer efforts.  The Spirit stores also hold their own efforts to raise cancer awareness, Spirit of Children’s Foundation.

So join in the party and fun while moving mountains at Spencer’s Gifts!


As a part of LindaGHill’s One Liner Wednesday.

Picture Attributes: Ирина Печкарёва

7 thoughts on “Spencer’s Gifts Mission Statement

  1. I think I got free sex education in Spencer’s when I was a young lad. I don’t think I ever came out of there without giggling. Had no idea they had a Boobies Cancer campaign!

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