I’m so Judgmental, I Judge Myself

Homeschool To UnSchool

Living for Me (My Family)

This week my life has felt like the best metaphorical definition of an absolute train wreck.  Just when we feel we may be able to hop back on the tracks another spark flies tossing us into yet another swerving frenzy.  As a stay at home mom with a full time nanny you would think I would have time to do it all, I know other moms picture me relaxing my days away child and care free, but this is not so much the case.

Sometimes when the subject of my nanny comes up at the typical Bunco night or chit chat amongst my girlfriends a mom will go, “oh what do you do?”

“Uhm..nothing…I mean I’m at home…”

That is generally followed by a blank stare, but that blankness in my head is translated to the harshest judgements of my laziness and lack of love for my children…

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