Shake it up

Challenge #2

It’s time for one tiny huge change.  Yes you read that correctly.  The smallest of changes can make the largest impacts on our esteem and your own perspective of yourself.  It’s a common story, Priscilla goes to the mall to find a new work outfit.  She sees a mannequin that looks amazing in an outfit that Priscilla only wishes she herself could pull off.  In a moment of bravery she makes the purchase and hides it in the back of the closet until she has the courage to wear it.   What are you hiding in your closet?  What exciting piece of personality do you lack the confidence to let your colleagues meet?   Maybe it’s a new hairstyle you saw on Pinterest, or a unique stand out neck tie on Etsy.

Whatever it is, challenge yourself this week to shake it up.  Find a new addition to your style.   Shake things up, put on something that will turn heads, and make people notice you again.  Color your hair, try a trendy pair of glasses, or wear a top you have been dying to try but were afraid you may be “too mature” for.

Empower yourself to express yourself.

  1. Meditate on a piece of your personality you have been suffocating.  This is a piece of you, and you should treasure it.
  2. What one modification could you make to your outward appearance to allow this trait to show?
  3. Wear it.

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