Discover a “Success” Role Model

Challenge 1:

Who do you admire?  Every semester I am set to train a new batch of interns on professionalism.   At each first training session I ask the interns, professionally, who they admire?  What successful individual would they want to be like?  Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Steve Easterbrook, or my personal favorite Bob Iger.  Some dream to some day hold a place as a Google or Amazon Executive.

  1. So now, I am asking you to write down in the comments the name of an author, an entertainer, a business person, an individual who you dream to walk a similar path of success.  If you don’t have one, meditate on it.
  2. Look them up, research any articles written about them, any pictures, and watch any footage.   Take note on their dress, their habits, their personal stance.
  3. Take two or three things that you feel would most benefit your own weaknesses; take perhaps a problem solving technique, a state of mind, or even an upright posture, and practice them regularly for four weeks.
  4. Merge your character with these new traits to enrich your already outstanding self even further.

This practice will not only enrich your day to day style, it will freshen up your point of view.  After all the very original cause of a “rut” is a perspective that has gone stale.


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