A Cure for the Ruts

It’s as common as the cold, sweeping the globe, over teams, businesses, leaders, minimum wage workers, maximum wage workers, non-profit workers, it knows no bounds; the common rut can take over when you are least expecting it.  They can invade the processes of those during great success or attack others in the form of consistent failures.

A team that is struggling may find themselves more aware of their rut.   Their consistent failures and near misses may have individuals scurrying each week in panic to fix what is broken.  Their bosses are chewed out by their bosses, who are being hounded by the top tier suits.  Hot topic words in all these communications include phrases such as “action plans”, “probationary periods”, and even “terminations”.  These coercive terms, which were meant to motivate have only created negative chaos.  Team members are so consumed with the what if’s, and the consistent failures that motivation could be wavering.  Or the employees are so consumed with panic, that their frantic persona is not allowing them to really take in the situation and develop the obvious answers.  These individuals know they are in a rut, their consistent failures prove this time and time again.

In turn, a leader who is successful may not be aware of their rut, their team is meeting goals, their pay is apt, and their schedule has allowed for dependable routines to form in and out of the work place.  There are areas where their staff may slack, where business development opportunities are missed, and everyone just grows comfortable.   This is a less obvious case of the ruts, in fact their is no awareness of a problem.  Without growth, the full potential cannot be obtained.

As a training manager I seek out creative and innovative remedies for the common rut everyday.   Over the next four weeks I hope to rattle your cage with a series of challenges.  These challenges are molded for everyone:  from a SAHM to a fry cook, to a CEO.  Anyone can benefit from shaking things up a bit, and hey, it should be fun!

Stay Tuned: first challenge will post Tuesday April 12th @ 9:30am CST

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