Personalizing Customer Service

Last week my husband sent me to Quizno’s to pick up lunch for himself and his boss.  The Quizno’s closest to my house is ran by the nicest older couple but found sadly empty most hours of the day.  The owner has a strong accent so at times is difficult to understand but he makes a point to be familiar with his customers and his community.  The wall along the assembly line is covered in sponsoring they offer to several local schools and community sports teams.  The owner remembers you, and cracks jokes with you.  He will ask you about your children if they are not with you during your visit, and play with them when they are present in the store.

This past week upon check out he laughed as I told him that this particular day I was not there for myself but instead my husband and his boss.  He showered me with praise for my kindness and consideration to my husband, and then went on to explain that he would write a note to my husband to remind him of that.  “I love my great wife”, it read across the paper.  He handed me a coupon for a free chip and coke with my order and then offered any further help to my car with drinks and food in tow.  I left with a smile, and eager to return again the next day with the kids and nanny to utilize my coupon.

Employees:  How can you make your customers smile today?

Customers:  Tell me how you have been made to feel appreciated in the past.

12 thoughts on “Personalizing Customer Service

  1. Customer service is so hard! (I’ve been there!) It so great they remember you. When I worked in Customer service I use to do this to a few people. xx

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  2. The key, I think, that so many miss, is that providing adequate service will never make you stand out. People don’t tell their friends about service that was ‘fine’, or write blog posts about someone who ‘did their job’. This concept needs to be taught (and modeled) by employers to their staff, but even before that, by parents to their children!

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  3. It’s always the extra thing that makes it memorable. This took this man maybe 2 minutes but it’s stuck in your memory. Now if he was rude I suppose that would only take 2 minutes to stick too….

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  4. Customer service can make or break any experience. Really upsets me when customer service isn’t good. Unfortunately, here in the UK unlike the US staff don’t rely on tips which really can have a negative effect

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  5. Sounds awesome. Here in the West, in a only a few states, is a sub shop called Port of Subs. I love it (I can’t eat it now because I can’t have anything off a slicer) but they had one in Washington. When we moved to Seattle the first time, my ex and I missed a lot of the foods we had in Northern Nevada, and that was the only one in Washington. It was also right across the street from where we worked. We got to know the Indian family who owned the franchise so well, that they would start our sandwiches when we walked in the door. Always asking how we were. When I went by once with Hannah the next time I lived there (a long drive from Seattle proper) they remembered me and made my sandwich. I told them what had been going on with my cancer, and the woman started crying. She told me not to pay. I told them no. They only rang up about half of the order. I put the rest in the tip-jar. Then I got really sick after eating it. I didn’t know at that time it was off-limits. I hope they are still doing well there.

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