Key’s to A Successfully Managed Shop

1. Customer Focused Priorities

The first key is to focus on the customer.  Train the staff on who your customer is and how they could encourage their continued returns through stellar customer service.  Teach them to break away from their tasks to focus on the customer.  Make sure the store is always easily shoppable for the customer by utilizing clear departments that are consistently maintained through continuous cleaning and stocking.

2.  Utilizes Effective Delegation

Managers should capitalize on their employee’s strengths, delegating tasks that they will excel at.  A manager who attempts to do everything will hit burn out, which will reflect in their store.

3.  Happy Secure Employees

A happy employee feels appreciated and leaves each day with a satisfaction of accomplishment. A secure employee understands their expectations as set by their manager.

4. Effective Communication

Communicate with your staff the past, present, and future:  Learn from the past, be aware of the current store promotions and expectations, and confidently set and follow a path to future goal achievement.

5.  Management is aware of expectations of their corporate overlords

A successful manager knows and respects their company’s mission statement.  A repeated manager holds a copy of store and personal evaluations as distributed by their bosses and checks in monthly that they are holding themselves to a higher standard.

6. Manager is Present in Store

A successful manager is known by their customers and respected by their employees.  They are aware of what is going on on their sales floor, and able to recognize issues before they are apparent to their customers.

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