News Done My Way: Week 39 Edition

More Options when Paying By Smartphone at Macy’s

Featured Image -- 581It’s the next obvious step, actually I’m personally surprised it has taken this long.  Pay Pal will now be an accepted payment option when shopping in-store at Macy’s.  I’m certain many retailers will be there to follow.  Crazy to think back to the Ebay exclusive years and see PayPal right up against those credit stickers on the door of all our favorite retailers!

11988597_10103568781669888_8341833925182482849_nPumpkin Spice Latte in Your Fridge

“I bet you wish they sold ’em in Pumpkin Spice flavor,” my friend teased at the beginning of this month as we scoured a convenience store for some serious caffeine on a road trip.  Joke is on you my friend, I can…well only in bulk, only at Cost Co, and only for a limited time!

Another new mobile presence in-store!

Old telephoneCustomer service to text.  It’s sad that we are in the day in age the Customer Service is so dead in big box retail that we are left to text a bot for assistance.  Can’t find the Epsom Salts?  Muscles too soar to wander the store in search of the salts, much less in search for a customer service agent who is ready and willing to assist you, only to hear, “I don’t know, not my department.”  Just text your queries to the number in the title link!

87 Shopping Days to Christmas


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