Service with a Smile

After the beatings of a sadistic Monday we don’t typically venture out of the house, but due to some circumstances in the home we were forced to Target to pick up some necessary items to once again treat our house for bugs.  I don’t typically write about my own family under my Shop Girl alias but my customer service experience last night at Target with my family left such an impression that I felt compelled to share.

We chased down a defiant Lil A who is two and a half who much preferred the idea of spending her evening reclining in her rocker watching “Mickey House”.  Then we gathered up milk for the five month old as we lugged her hefty carseat out to the Suzuki.

Upon arrival a once defiant Lil A is now rejoicing for the “bucks” (Starbucks in toddler tongue), she loves their vanilla milk boxes.  Tired as we were she ran through the aisles “follow me!” and then tried pulling me and urge me to the Starbucks stand.  She was insane with exhaustion, which can be fun in the toddler world until it is not.  It’s like in a matter of five seconds they can go from the goofiest giggling child to a tantrum throwing, name calling, blubbering mess.  As a parent you just hold your breath and hope the latter waits for the car ride home.

We rushed through the aisles and then made our way to the ghost town of the check out lane. Our basket was full and there were only two check out lanes both with only one person to wait on.  Even that short of time I worried that remaining stagnate may warrant Lil A time to realize that we never stopped by the “Bucks”.

The check out lane ref did not stand in the normal armed crossed stance as I am used to experiencing.  He instead approached us as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a long thin yellow balloon.  Out of his other pocket he grasped a red and yellow pump.  My daughter had never seen a balloon in such a shape, much less understood what was going on.  So at first she took on the stranger danger pose facing away, and hiding her head between my legs.  I lifted her and excited watched with her as the kind employee, William, fumbled and popped the first attempt.  He pulled out a green one next, and tried again, even more carefully, this time Lil A was intrigued.

As our purchase was completed my husband stood by with the cart as William placed the final touches on what Lil A had deemed as “Pup Pup”, and followed that with, “next time maybe I’ll have the monkey figured out for you.” I was so excited for such a unique and personal shopping experience. Even if Pup Pup when pop pop as soon as we entered the car it made that tough to manage weeknight outing something truly magical.

Thank You Target working, Register Sitting, Balloon Twisting William!

3 thoughts on “Service with a Smile

  1. Wow! I’ve never been in a Target but the more I hear about them the more intrigued I become. Now my next trip to the US will have to include a stop by Target. More of a draw than the Grand Canyon now.

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