News Done My Way: Week 38 Edition

Early Christmas To All!


As according to the survey conducted by over labor Day Weekend there are 32 million Americans have started their holiday shopping, that’s nearly 15% of the population.

It is best to shop early when you are having to juggle a budget or if you want to avoid the crowds.  Only 13 weeks until Christmas!  When do you plan to do your Christmas Shopping?  Are you planning ahead, or are you anticipating those Black Friday door busters?



McDonald’s is Potential Trapped Within The Illinois Border


Looking to the public for some “limited edition” grub.  The people of Illinois uploaded their favorite burgers and there was an open public vote for the consumer’s favorites.

The competition was closed September 13th, and the top 10 semi-finalists are going to head to the McDonald’s headquarters for time with their professional chefs.

The number will then be pushed down to the top 3 September 29th.  These three will be available at McDonalds for less than a month and only at participating Illinois locations, so make your calendars:  November 30-December 27th.  On January 5th the winner will be announced based on highest sales.

What a fantastic Idea…How tragic it will only be in their home state, a real missed nationwide opportunity.  Perhaps they will give it a second try on a national or even international scale 2016?  Take this as a P.S. to my open letter McD’s!


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