Shop Girl for Public Office 2020

I figure I don’t quite have the following to compete with Kanye for the popularity contest that was once known as a presidential election.  My boy ‘Ye is a real forward thinker, he won’t run for the presidency now but instead think for the future, in 2020.  But under the the first lady-ship of a Kardashian I don’t see why there can’t be some room made for myself wherever people want me in public office?  Anywhere really Secretary of State, Governor, I’ll even take county clerk, I hear there may be an opening in Kentucky (too soon? behind the times?).

Yes, yes, just vote me wherever you want me…wait, what?  Opinions, beliefs, stands?  Hmmm, yes I did hear my boy ‘Ye mention something like

…It’s not about me. It’s about ideas. New ideas. People with ideas. People who believe in truth…

I have never worked a day in politics but I have been told I have a voice, and boy do I have some very earth shattering ideas…

  • First and foremost I declare all McDonalds and other various fast food places with a drive thru must have a trashcan in the drive thru line that should also be cleared out on a regular basis.  This will keep my car cleared, which then will prevent the violent and explosive gyre of trash which seems to fly out my car windows on the highway or out the doors when trying to struggle to pull out three toddlers from the back of my SUV.
  • While discussing drive-thrus, it will be mandatory all Starbucks have a drive thru, or if the location does not permit, curb-side service sounds like an excellent compromise. Yes, I understand they now deliver but who doesn’t t like the outing of going to Starbucks…I’m just not quite a fan of dragging the three rugrats out of the backseat.
  • I want Extended Paid Family Leave mandatory for all!  This will definitely make for better more dedicated staff.  This will allow the mom the heal, and the chance for a father to take in and really be a part of his family’s life, which will make for a happier and more motivated employee in the long run.  This will allow mom the full opportunity to heal physically and emotionally making again for a more better quality of life and more productive workforce.
  • No more Standardized Testing.  I want the children of our future to have the power to think, not the power of achieving the Heavy Weight belt of Trivial Pursuit Champion.  I want my child challenge on a person level, and not so much on a very low bar set for those children who struggle.  I want the low bar children that struggle to receive actual growth from one one one attention in the classroom with their own personalized set of challenges.  We need smaller class sizes and better educated teachers.  “Why Shopgirl” you ask “I thought you were a teacher at some point in your life?!”  All I have to say to that is…yup, exactly my point.  😉
  • Free Healthcare.  “What?”  Oh ya this is a thing for those who work for large companies, and yes this is a thing for those with no work at all, but there are so many citizens I know who own their own small business, self-employed, contract employees, all making median income, but are paying their grocery, gas, and college funds for the sky rocketed insurance.  Don’t be ignorant, your free insurance is not without cost to someone.  Feel free to be Thankful, or Self-Righteous, but not ignorant, never allow yourself to be ignorant.
  • I must take a moment though to say though I have great ideas for improvement, I also have great pride for my country!  I am so grateful that I am able to write this post without persecution.  That my children have a roof over their head, clean water, and that my husbands injuries serving this country have not gone without great honor or appreciation shown by our government and community.  

First Lady-ship Kardashian 2020!!!

15 thoughts on “Shop Girl for Public Office 2020

  1. Sorry, I meant to make a comment but a couple of customers called. I think your background in retail and your organizational skills are perfect especially for city council. You can come here and square some rough edges. The kids are welcome, too. 😉

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  2. They actually had to take the trash cans out of the drive-throughs at some SB locations because of all the dirty needles they were finding in them. Safety hazard to the employees. Hooray!

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      1. Sorry about the nearly 20 attempts to type out the same exact comment. It felt creepy and obsessive, but I was way frustrated that I couldn’t share my opinion! My IT genius husband was like, maybe he blocked you and wants you to leave him alone. lol!

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      2. Hahahaha! No worries, I understood when I saw them all sitting in the spam folder for some bizarre reason.

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      3. Wow, no clue how it happened, you weren’t blacklisted or anything, but yeah, yours and two other I follow were all going into spam. Weird!

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