I Guess What They Say is True, You Can Never Come Home…

So I’m back, and I have to admit I am having difficulty just hopping right back in.  Not as a result of lacking passion or heart, but by failing to keep up with the many minute changes that have added up since I left in May.

Am I following You?

I look on a blog and think, “I love what this person had to say,” then I go onto the say to myself, “Am I already following them?”  I look to the top left and the answer is no longer there.  I frantically searched the page for the first ten blogs I stumbled upon before I finally found my answer on the bottom right hand of the screen now.


What is this amazing tool!!?  This is far easier to read then to try to decipher the miniature bar graph on the top left hand of the screen.  That tall bar has apparently been at 8 a.m. everyday not 10 a.m. or 3 p.m., I could never tell….;)

Where My Bloggers At?

My Reader feed has turned all into news providers, and the amazing personal touches are far and few between.  It was to be expected that I would not be alone in taking off for a while, but I really didn’t expect to lose so many blogs.  So while we are talking about it, I’m trying to beef up my Reader again.  Suggest to me a few of your favorite blogs..or even your own!

Most Popular Posts

Took me quite sometime to find this as well.  They have removed the option to go back to the old layout…maybe.  Or perhaps I just don’t know how to find it.

Despite the Updates though…

My phone app still does not work.  My computer still freezes when I’ve typed too many words in the blog post field.  Actually it used to just be my HP laptop that froze, but now it is even My Mac now that does it.  But I’m sure those fixes will come in town, I’ll just stand by and wait.

Thank You Readers

I must commend your dedication! I’ve been offered such warm and happy returns. Less than a week in and I’ve already been recognized for a new blogger award and had a post I wrote for my other blog recognized as a top pick of the week by a very well read and followed blogger. I am so thankful for the unstoppable support!

4 thoughts on “I Guess What They Say is True, You Can Never Come Home…

  1. I can say I have missed your posts…I miss a lot of people’s post. You had a good “excuse” but some have just faded away. I’ve been slacking myself as my work and personal life have been quite busy — haven’t even been fishing. Seriously, welcome back.

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  2. Some of my favorite blogs have recently ditched their own material and gone to multiple reblogs a day. Annoying. One blog in particular annoys me so much with that, they are likely getting unfollowed when I get home. If I find ones I know you don’t already follow, I’ll let you know.

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