News Done My Way: Week 36 Edition

7-Eleven Helps to Heat Up Date Night



Now, only in select cities, you can have the ultimate date night package and Hang Over Relief kit delivered right to your door.  My only real quandary is why is their home base of Dallas not included in the starting line up?!



Polaroid Prints Without Ink?!



I have been coveting the amazingness that is the newer Polaroid cameras and they just keep becoming cooler and kewler!  This is definitely on my wish list this birthday month!  How about all my avid and loyal readers chip in on one for me?!  ::wink wink, nudge nudge::


Closed Wal-Marts Set to Reopen, Still Leaving a Trail of Questions Unanswered

The five Wal-Mart locations that were suddenly closed last spring are now pursuing the hiring process as they plan to reopen these locations over the course of October and November.  But many are still baffled and left with questions like:

  • 622x350Why hire new staff, why not reinstate old employees?
  • Did this have to do with a union retaliation?
  • Why so sudden, and what exactly was the sudden plumbing emergency?
  • Are there now underground tunnels connecting these five Wal-Marts to some undercover military operation?

And just like how many licks does it take to find the center of Tootsie Pop, 'The World May Never Know'...ngbbs432cefdd81ce6

Just Incase You Haven't Heard, Breakfast All Day


Have you been personally contacted this week from like 50 different friends and acquaintances from all walks of life that McD's will be serving breakfast all day now??  Or maybe it's just me and I'm just a fatty.

In any case if you have been living under a rock and have yet to be in the know:  McD's will be serving breakfast all day starting this October.


Think Geek will Now be Tangible!

After the greatly unpopular move of the Game Stop acquisition of Think Geek we will now be seeing actual storefront locations of your favorite online store.  I'm super inspired now to make a road trip to Florida for my birthday weekend!  Come on bloggers, whose with me?!

3 thoughts on “News Done My Way: Week 36 Edition

  1. I want that camera too. That is neat how it doesn’t use ink, the ink is basically in photo sheets. My birthday is in February I better start hinting around now. I just wish I could pick and choose which pics I want to print, maybe that will be an option if they make a new model.

    Thanks for sharing this!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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