An Open Letter to McDonalds

Dear McDonalds,

The time I stopped partaking in your restaurant seemed to correlate about the time the rest of America joined me. At first I blamed my issues on our move to Huntsville, AL. For whatever reason it seems the McDonald’s here have a thing against indoor play places, and the one McD’s in town with a play place is outdoors, making it inconvenient in hot, cold, snow, or rainy weather (which is pretty much 360 days a year in Huntsville, AL). So what made McD’s the convenient stop for me as a mom of three is completely a moot point for all but about 5 special days of the year.

Second, upon our move to Huntsville from Houston, I was greatly disappointed in the great drop in the quality of food and service. Fries are typically served stone cold and stale at lunch time, and the rare warm serving of French fries will have absolutely none of that amazingly delicious artery clogging salt and grease leaving them disgustingly bland. Our burgers too are cold and dry, and our orders are almost always completely wrong when driving thru. Though it is comical when the window is slammed in my husbands face mid-sentence, as he has to remind the employee about our daughters’ entire happy meal, it is a terrible example of your company’s regard for customer service.

I watch the news and it appears that customers all over the nation are turning away from those once notorious golden arches. It wasn’t five years ago that McDonald’s was honored and admired as the perfect business model to replicate, who could have ever imagined it would come to this so quickly? Truly a lesson that other large conglomerates should keep in mind.   I see your extraneous efforts of cutting costs, introducing a sexy burglar to (hopefully) replace the frightening clown, and even extending breakfast to all day. But my requests come down to the basics, which seem to have been lost in the state of Alabama.

Perhaps the complaints I share with my community are exclusive to Huntsville, AL. It concerns me when the downfall of the company seems to directly correlate with our own grievances. Perhaps it is time to review the way franchise owners are handling their stores, and take back charge of your own company.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


P.S. Please stop punishing me for my distaste for pickles by sticking large disgusting receipts on my burger. Take a lesson from Whataburger perhaps.

9 thoughts on “An Open Letter to McDonalds

  1. The fries. You are so right about the fries. How much salt do you need? I lick the bottom of the ocean for an hour and a half and come away with less than sits on one fry. Plus, it is just terrible for you. If the Hamburgler ate those burgers, he would not look that fit for long.

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  2. It is not just in Huntsville. I live in the Chicago area, but have traveled around the world. The best McDs I have ever been to was in Okinawa, Japan. A McD was just remodeled by my house, and it was actually very good. So much so that I decided to send an email to their corporate office to say so. I’ve only been a few times to that location, but the service is wonderful, they have yet to get my order wrong, and it is very clean. Too bad they don’t have a play area. Every McDs I have visited in the states has gotten my order wrong, service was horrible, food is cold or stale, and/or it was dirty…everytime. My last time going in the drive thru they did not give me my 2 apple pies, and there was no toy in one of the kids meals. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice until I was home.

    Hopefully your next visit is better.


    1. dirty?! I want to know more but I desperately don’t all at once! Haha, yes my husband spent a couple of years in Korea and commented that the McDs over on that side of the globe all seem to have separate and far superior standards.


      1. Yes dirty! lol There is one location we sometimes go to and I have to always clean the table. I’ve been to on with a play area and there was just a large trash bag leaning against the wall because there were no cans in the cabinets. And this was in the play area.

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