“The Customer is Always Right” – The Wrong Way to Provide Customer Service

Really unique perspective. Can’t say I 100% agree with it, but there are times when the associate holds a certain expertise in a subject matter, which then leads to us being able to better aid the customer. What do you think?

2 thoughts on ““The Customer is Always Right” – The Wrong Way to Provide Customer Service

  1. I have never liked that slogan, usually you hear it when a customer has been staggeringly wrong. I get the mentality behind it. In customer service you should do everything you can to make sure a customer leaves happy having found exactly what they were looking for. But, taken literally, the slogan means that if a customer only thinks they should pay $5.00 for a $200 dollar item, we should sell it for $5.00.

    If you really want to see this slogan abused, go sit in the Walmart service desk and just watch what happens. I’ve seen a big screen LCD TV returned with no TV in the box. The customer had lined the bottom of the box with towels and put a bowling ball in there. We gave them their money back for the TV because we weren’t allowed to ever suggest the customer might have been a thief, even when they clearly were. Might lose the thief as a customer.

    I could rant on this for hours, maybe that will be my next chapter of the walmart chronicles.

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  2. I think there are customers who refuse to consider that they might be wrong. The ones too proud to admit they’ve made a mistake and keep arguing/shouting for the sake of it. Drives me up a wall whenever I see people act like this. Especially to waiters.

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